Compound sentences in English with examples

Compound Sentences

The  compound sentences are those that have more than one conjugated verb personally. For example: (We cook) and (they wash the dishes). In this post we will describe the Compound sentences in English with examples.

  • Compound sentences are also known as  complex sentences . In addition to the above classification, there is also an additional type of compound sentence, the adjunctive , which adds an attached proposition, usually an interjection or a vocative, to another proposition.
  • The simple sentences , as opposed to composite, are the simplest syntactic structures and consist of a maximum two phrases, one nominal and one verbal. For exampleThe child eats candy
  • The compound sentence should not be confused with the simple sentence with a compound subject . For exampleMy uncle and my cousins ​​always spend the summer in Mar del Plata. Not even with the simple sentence with compound predicate . For example: The new actress sings and dances beautifully .

Types of Compound Sentences

Below are types of compound sentences in English

Coordinated sentences

Syntactically independent propositions are combined through connectors or links of different types (additive, adversative, distributive, explanatory).

For example: (Come) and (I’ll explain). 

Subordinate or  juxtaposed sentences

There is a proposition that depends syntactically on another, which is the main proposition. In such setences, the propositions that combine and integrate acquire meaning through punctuation:

comma, semicolon, colon or point. For example: I don’t like the shirt (that you gave me). 

Examples of compound sentences

  1. We cook and they wash the dishes.
  2. The referee arrived on time, but the players did not show up at the stadium.
  3. The waiter took the orders and the food arrived in no time.
  4. They are going to close, you must hurry.
  5. Laura didn’t go to the party; her mother was not feeling well.
  6. Martín will come tomorrow, but his girlfriend doesn’t know.
  7. Oh! How many people in this room!
  8. Suddenly he felt very tired and a taxi picked him up.
  9. Taxes will increase and the currency will be devalued.
  10. What a danger! Children travel without their seat belts!

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