X-bar theory

X-bar theory

Development theoretical within the grammar generative proposed by Noam Chomsky (1970) which consists in  the X bar theory inclusion of categories of level means positioned between the categories minimum (the category dictionary) and the categories maximum (the categories syntagmatic). These developments were reflected in a change in the formalism of representation syntactic pre existing, that has to be designated by convention X-Bar .

Explanation of X-bar theory

The phrases have schemes syntactic abstract in that it recognizes three levels of hierarchy, in time of two (the categories lexical – N, V, P, Adj, Adv and the categories syntagmatic – SN, SV, SP, Sadj, SAdv ), as happened in the early formulations of generative grammar There are thus three levels of projection syntactic to from the categories lexical V (erbo), C (OMe), A (djectivo) and R (reset). The projection syntax of level 1 is the result of the combination of category lexical with the your add – on sand is designated by the notation X ‘, being that X is one variable that can be filled by one category N’, V ‘, A’ or P ‘. 

The projection syntax of level 2 is the result of the composition of the category X ‘ (obtained by the first projection) with the specifier the category lexical in question, representing up by the notation X ” (variable that can be updated by N”, V ” A”, P ”). The specifiers not make part of the composition of the categories lexical or either can be categories lexical, but serve them of modifiers. The abstract configuration of the X-Bar theory will be thus represented by the scheme:

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The X-bar theory is a linguistic theory that seeks to identify syntactic principles common to all languages . According to this theory, all languages ​​would share certain structural similarities in their way of forming sentences .

The letter X symbolizes an arbitrary lexical category ; when a precise expression is analyzed, a specific lexical category is assigned instead of the X , and the X can become an N (by name ), a V (by verb ) or a P (by preposition )

The term X-bar derives from the notation used. Some structures are represented by X (an X with a bar on it), or in some cases X ′, for easier typographic (we read “x-barra”). The XP notation stands for “syntax X” and is equivalent to “x-bar slash” or “x double slash” (X with a double slash above it) or X “.


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