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Why is the study of International Relations/job opportunities

If you like political science, perhaps one of its most unknown branches is international relations, which we want to talk about next, although it has a series of very interesting job opportunities. Let’s see then now, why study International Relations.

What is studied in International Relations?

Within the field of political science are located international relations, that is, those activities that have to do with the study of the relationships  between actors, institutions and public bodies that are developed in the international arena. Why is the study of International Relations?

These public actors can be, for example:

  • the national states;
  • NGOs, that is, non-governmental organizations;
  • Government organizations;
  • European institutions (for example: the European Central Bank – ECB);
  • multinational companies, active in international markets.

The work of international relations is, therefore, that of diplomacy between these social actors, that of managing and maintaining relations. The importance of this discipline is increasingly important in a globalized world, where markets tend to mix and influence each other and where the media shorten the distance between people and, consequently, between companies and international actors.

Precisely due to the characteristics of this discipline, a person who works in international relations must have transversal knowledge that covers areas such as economics, law and jurisprudence, history, geography, philosophy and others. Why is the study of International Relations?

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, international relations is a branch of political science. The faculty of international relations is part, in any university, of the department of political science, sometimes as a three-year degree, sometimes as a master’s course after completing a degree in political science.

The career aims to guarantee students interdisciplinary skills, which affect different fields such as legal, economic and sociological. Why is the study of International Relations?

International Relations job opportunities

The degree in international relations allows you to work in some specific fields that include:

  • Public administrations to carry out diplomatic and communication activities;
  • Companies , both public and private;
  • Non-governmental organizations (NGOs);
  • Government organizations;
  • Multinational companies;
  • National banks or banking institutions.

In all these fields you can develop your professional work in different positions, although generally they are usually:


Working in this role means putting “diplomatic” skills into practice at the service of companies’ marketing and commercial strategies. Many times the profile is also sought by the Chambers of Foreign Commerce of governments that help companies to settle in international realities and markets (to better understand the type of work we recommend you also read the profile of the Business Consultant).


The degree in International Relations certainly opens the doors to jobs in high-level administrations, such as organizations of the European Union or Spanish prefectures or international organizations that deal with immigration. It is also a profile required by universities and research institutions.


It is a highly qualified role for the management of European and international tenders that mainly finance development cooperation projects between companies and countries, coordinated by cooperatives, public administrative offices (such as the Regions) and international cooperation organizations (such as FAO). . ). In this case, you will also take care of the preparation of reports and financial statements that must be attached to the financed projects. Why is the study of International Relations?


It is the classic role, that of the expert who can work both in the diplomatic field in embassies and consulates of his own country around the world and in foreign institutions. For example, it is possible to access the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with a public tender, both to foreign administrations and to the European Commission that has a specific portal for job tenders, EPSO. Why is the study of International Relations?


It is a company figure included in the field of human resources, which is the sector that works in the organization of the human capital of a company, finding the best skills and resources to achieve a result. In the case of those who study International Relations, one of the outputs is precisely that of HR Specialist in the administrative field: thus, for example, you can work in a division that prepares European projects and calls on behalf of the company. Why is the study of International Relations?

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