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What was the Triangular trade countries Consequences Products

Triangular trade

Triangular trade was a trading system, belonging to the area of ​​the Atlantic Ocean, in charge of making international transactions and allowing globalization.

Mainly he dealt with exporting slaves that came from Africa to put them to work, generate success with their production and transfer them as a method of payment.

It was called triangular trade because it consisted of 3 continents that  formed a triangle between them: Europe, North America and Africa .

This type of trade dominated from the 15th to the 19th century , leaving a stable background in the economy of the various countries.

Triangular trade countries

The three territories that made up the triangular trade were Europe, Africa and America .

Among the main European countries that got involved are Portugal, Spain, the United Kingdom and France .

In addition to the European territories, the meeting point in Africa was Guinea and, in America, Brazil (Portugal), the Viceroyalty of the Río de La Plata (Argentina) and then Uruguay .

Consequences of triangular trade

The consequences of the triangular trading system were as follows:

  • The export of African slaves delayed the economic development of their continent.
  • social IVISION among whites, rich blacks and poor, which still exists today.
  • Slaves were considered a possession that did not enjoy any type of rights.
  • The benefits were not equitable since the European and American zones always came out winning. In the case of the Africans, they only served as slaves that were kidnapped and taken anywhere.

Products that were traded

In this triangle of a commercial nature, different products were exchanged, both manufactured and colonial.

For example, the part of Western Europe offered Africa, as an exchange, supplies such as mirrors, fabrics, colored beads, bells and other handicrafts. In turn, Africa offered the American coast human merchandise, that is, slaves .

On the other hand, North America was in charge of offering Europe products of colonial production such as cocoa, sugar and tobacco .

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