What is Turkish Eye definition/concept

In the world of esoterism and amulets there is an object that stands out among the others: the so-called Turkish eye, Greek eye or nazar. The purpose of this symbol is to carry it on some part of the body (eg hanging around the neck as an ornament) to combat the evil eye. In this sense, it should be noted that the evil eye is the negative effect that the look of one person can cause on another from a feeling of envy or hatred.

The origin of the amulet

The Turkish eye is a flat drop or circle made of crystal that has an eye in the center. As for its origin, it dates back to the civilization of ancient Egypt and Babylon, where it was believed that the bad feelings of human beings were projected through the eyes. Later, the use of the Turkish eye spread throughout Europe, especially in Turkey and Greece.

Purpose, use and meaning

In addition to protecting against the evil eye, it also helps to combat the evil energies of others. Can be used as a bracelet or necklace. It has several colors and each one of them has different properties. So, if the Turkish eye is blue in color, it represents positive karma, positive energies and protection in general. Now if the Turkish eye is light blue it is related to the truth and also offers protection against the evil eye.

The red colored amulet is associated with power and passion and is found in connection with love. If it is yellow (this color represents energy ) its use is intended for health maintenance . The green color symbolizes nature and by taking it with you you can achieve personal growth. The white Turkish eye symbolizes the idea of ​​perfection, innocence and kindness. The purple color of this amulet represents the ideal of wisdom, creativity and magic; when taken to the body it helps to enhance these qualities.

The consecration of the Turkish eye

For any amulet to be useful it must be consecrated. This means it must be clean and activated, otherwise it would be a simple object.

To clean and activate the Turkish eye, you need a series of elements: the Turkish eye of a certain color, four candles of the color of the eye you want to use, incense, a crystal deep dish with rainwater, coarse salt, earth, blessed water , essence of rue, wooden match and, finally, consecrate the eye through a prayer.

Once all these elements are together, the ritual must be performed on a night with a full moon. After the consecration of the amulet, it already has its protective properties.

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