What is Philosophy of Life definition/concept

Philosophy of life is an expression that serves to describe a set of ideas and attitudes that are part of the life of an individual or group of people.

On the other hand, there is also an alternative definition that shows the philosophy of life as the way a person decides to live. At times, this way of looking at philosophy of life is related to religion, as is the case with Buddhism, Christianity and Judaism.

Finally, there are also those who use the term philosophy of life as a synonym for lifestyle.

Philosophy of Life and Human Relations

The philosophy of life has a lot to do with the pursuit of wisdom and self-knowledge . In this sense, people look for a series of norms, values ​​or ideas that allow them to articulate their lives in an organized way, so that they can achieve a certain personal stability.

Thus, it is very important to emphasize the idea that this concept of philosophy of life is not unique, but that it varies according to the context of each person, and that it can be enormously influenced by social, political or economic factors. That’s why, on occasions, two people can come into conflict because they have different views on the philosophy of life. Usually these clashes happen because of cultural differences, which lead to understanding life with antagonistic positions.

Is there a correct philosophy of life?

Evidently this is a question that does not have a simple answer, nor is it a single one. However, there are two essential principles that all people should include in their philosophy of life if they have an affirmative answer.

First, the fact of trying to live in the most dignified way possible, understanding that dignity is a universal value that defines good people, as well as kindness, generosity , honesty , among others. Doing good brings happiness, greater satisfaction and the feeling of a mission accomplished, of becoming a complete person.

And on the other hand we can also mention the fact of trying to be useful. Human beings need to feel that their passage on Earth was not in vain, so that they can leave some mark, even on a small scale and for other beings closer as well. The path to personal fulfillment has to do with the idea that our actions have a positive effect on society and not just on ourselves.

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