Law of Karma with 12 basis of the law

Law of Karma

Even though “karma” is an expression used or heard almost daily, few people understand the true meaning of this word. This word comes from Sanskrit and for different cultures, such as Buddhist or Hindu, it means “action”. Therefore, it has to do directly with each of the actions we carry out throughout our existence. In this article we will make you aware about Law of Karma.

What is karma

The definition of karma includes different meanings that can vary according to culture. For Eastern religions it is a cosmic law that governs life , in which actions have a direct effect, that is, it is based on the law of cause-effect. Therefore, according to our way of behaving, we will generate an accumulation of energy (positive or negative) that will manifest throughout existence, and even after reincarnation.

For its part, the Berkley Center on Religion, Peace and World Affairs at Georgetown University also has its own definition of karma. These researchers consider that every thought, action or word can lead to very beneficial effects for the spirit and the person. On the contrary, bad deeds will bring about harmful effects . For them, destiny is in the hands of each person, so we cannot complain about the consequences if we choose to go down the wrong path.

12 basis of the Law of Karma

Definitely, karma is a manifestation of actions that can serve to correct the path and amend past mistakes. Below, we leave you the 12 laws of karma, based on Buddhist and Hindu beliefs.

the great law

Also known as the law of cause and effect, the great law establishes that every type of energy we emit , whether good or bad, will return to us with the same intensity . So if you want goodness in your life, practice kindness, if you want to be loved, you must love. On the other hand, if you spread hatred and discord, that is what you get from your harvest.

law of creation

This law tells us that nothing magically happens, so if you want something in your life, you must act to make it come to you . As nothing happens by chance, you will be the co-creator of what you intend to obtain so that the universe interprets your intentions.

For this reason, you must use your talents, skills and strengths to create the reality you want, not just for yourself, but for those around you.

law of humility

The premise of the law of humility is that you must accept what is within you , both virtues and defects, in order to face success. In fact, according to this law, people who have achieved success have gone through a process of introspection in which they recognized who they were and where they would like to go.

You have to be humble enough to accept that each of your actions has led you to where you are now. From there, start your path towards kindness, generosity and strength. It doesn’t matter when you start, the essential thing is that you don’t stop.

law of growth

This law of karma is related to inner expansion to improve in all aspects of your life. In other words, to shape the world and your destiny, you must begin to shape yourself.

As we grow, we evolve and change. For this reason, spiritual or self-growth books are of great help at this stage, as you will always do something new to learn, heal or improve.

law of responsibility

This law of karma is based on the need to take responsibility for everything that happens in our lives . In other words, understanding what happens is why we will have a certain degree of guilt directly or indirectly and that each of your circumstances are the product of your decisions and what you do.

Therefore, according to the law of responsibility you are responsible for how the world treats you, how people treat you and how you treat others, so you must be fully aware of the role you play in each situation.

law of connection

This law of karma states that all people are connected . In this way, everything you have experienced in the past and the present connects you with what your future will be like.

In other words, what you are today is the result of what you did in the past. For this reason, as you increase your self-esteem, honor and respect yourself, you will also be able to do the same with those around you.

law of strength

The law of force is a call to focus your energies on what is really needed . For this reason, this law of karma is also known as the law of focus.

When people have too many things on their mind, they slow down, get frustrated and don’t reach the goal they want. Therefore, the ideal is to focus on positive feelings, such as self-love and compassion, to leave out other harmful emotions such as hate, anger and evil.

law of generosity

This law of karma is based on kindness and selflessness to be generous with others without expecting anything in return. This is not simply doing good for the sake of doing it, but that your interior must be clear that this is the right thing and that your actions can transform the lives of others.

Law of the Here and Now

This is one of the most powerful laws of karma and is about focusing on living in the present . That is, letting go of the past and anxiety to focus on what might happen in the future, as well as letting go of memories and thoughts about the mistakes you’ve made in order to move forward in life.

This is a law that invites you to savor every step of the way to be connected with what you are living and to be able to enjoy every moment. If you need help with this, in the following article we explain How to live in the present .

law of change

The law of change tells us that we must become aware of our mistakes so as not to keep repeating the same negative patterns. It is important that you learn from experiences, as with them the universe is pushing you and sending you the necessary signals to make the most favorable changes in your life and achieve the best version of yourself.

Law of Patience and Reward

The law of patience and reward is one of the strongest karmic laws. Its meaning is that hard and conscientious work will give good results . For this reason, you must not lose faith or patience in the face of failures, but persist until you reach your goals.

With constancy, time and effort you can achieve great things. The important thing is not to give up along the way and celebrate each small victory as a big thing.

Law of Meaning and Inspiration

Finally, this law of karma tells us that each day is a new opportunity to contribute something positive to the universe. That is, it’s not about doing well today and sabotaging everything tomorrow, but sharing your gifts with the world to inspire others to be better every day. Don’t be afraid to make a contribution as, however small it may seem, it could be making a big difference. Remember you will always get what you give.

Undoubtedly, if you employ these 12 foundations of the law of karma in your life, you will be more aware of your thoughts and actions so that you can forge a better destiny.

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