What is Maintenance definition/concept

The term maintenance refers to the procedure in which a given good receives treatment so that over time, its use or change in external circumstances does not affect it. There are several fields in which the term can be applied, whether for physical or virtual goods. Thus, it is possible to refer to the maintenance of a house, a work of art, a vehicle, a program or set of programs, a system , etc. Maintenance is usually performed by subject matter experts.

Maintenance is especially important in the production of goods and services. Thus, all elements required as part of an economical production process are regularly tested to reach a conclusion about their maintenance. For example, a machine that is needed in a factory and that its production depends on it, certainly has an operator or a dedicated team that ensures its proper functioning and performs the necessary maintenance.

There may be a distinction between the various types of maintenance in order to give an overview of the possibilities that can happen. Thus, we can refer to the maintenance of conservation, that is, a set of activities aimed at reversing the damage caused by its use; preventive maintenance, which tries to avoid problems and deficiencies in the future; corrective maintenance, which performs tasks that tend to repair defects and problems caused to the asset in question; and finally, maintenance linked to the updating of some equipment characteristic (this type of procedure is typical of many types of software).

In critical areas where equipment must always be operated there are protocols and a high degree of sophistication in relation to maintenance tasks. This is mainly because any failure can result in considerable economic losses, and so it is preferable to assume the costs. To help with the fulfillment of the objectives, you can also use specialized software that helps the technicians to fulfill their tasks regarding their conservation. With this level of criticism, the procedure tends to follow clear and precise guidelines that usually improve over time in order to avoid leaving circumstances out of harm’s way.

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