What is Speech Circuit/meaning/concept

The human being is the only animal species with an articulate and complex language . Individuals communicate as a result of a long evolutionary process that began with a simple scream and ended with speech. Speech Circuit

The fact of speaking can be analyzed from several perspectives and one of them would be to understand communication as a system in which different elements interact together. To refer to the systemic model of communication, we used the speech circuit proposal.

speech circuit elements

In every communicative act there is an emitter, that is, a subject who says something. At the same time, there is an interacting receiver, which is the individual who receives the information from the sender. Between the sender and the receiver, a rather complex message is transmitted. Speech Circuit

The link between sender, receiver and message acquires meaning because it takes place in a specific context of language. The words we say are part of a system of signs known as code (two speakers communicate only if they use the same code).

There are many means or channels of communication for the sender and receiver to understand each other, such as radio, television, press and new technologies. Speech Circuit

Main functions of language

  • – Communication is the main function of language. However, people communicate for different purposes;
  • – The expressive function is one that transmits the sender’s internal emotions, such as their doubts, concerns or certainties;
  • – In the appellative function, the sender tries to get the attention of the receiver;
  • – In the representative function, the issuer manifests something related to the context of communication;
  • – The phasing or contact function serves to keep the sender and receiver in contact;
  • – The metalinguistic function serves to clarify a specific message; Speech Circuit
  • – Finally, the aesthetic function is to convey messages in a beautiful and creative way.
  • The study of language from various scientific disciplines
  • – The understanding of human language can be carried out from various approaches;
  • – For anthropology it is important to determine when we start talking and why;
  • – Those who study the brain consider that we speak because our brain structures are programmed and designed for it;
  • – Linguistics studies all the components that make up language, such as origin, structure and signs;
  • – Finally, psycholinguistics is focused on the analysis of mental abilities associated with language.

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