What is Odaxelagnia definition/concept

Sexual desire is usually satisfied with conventional sexual intercourse, that is, a loving preamble followed by intercourse. However, sexuality goes far beyond intercourse, since there are a number of practices that can cause pleasure and excitement, but that are not associated with the sexual act. These practices are known as paraphilias. One of these paraphilias is odaxelagnia, which consists in the search for pleasure through biting the body . People who have this inclination get excited when they bite their partner in some erogenous area of ​​the body (neck, lips, chest, etc.) or when they are bitten by the other.

Odaxelagnia is one of the most common paraphilias

Odaxelagnia bears some resemblance to other paraphilias, especially sadism and masochism. It should be noted that in these three paraphilias, sexual pleasure and excitement are obtained through pain. In the case of odaxelagnia, the pain may be mild (for example, a small bite on the lip) or more intense, such as a bite that leaves a stain or redness in the partner.


The “strangeness” of this sexual tendency depends on the degree of pain that is inflicted or suffered. In its moderate version, odaxelagnia is a sexual inclination that does not provoke rejection because socially it is not considered dangerous or immoral. Obviously, if the bites are of great intensity and with an obvious risk to health, this sexual practice must be treated through some therapy.

Although odaxelagnia is part of the paraphilias, it is, therefore, an atypical sexual  behavior, one of the most accepted paraphilias, since there are a significant number of people who enjoy biting or being bitten.

The world of paraphilias

Sexual stimulation is popularly known as the word masturbation. People can feel like masturbating in different ways: enjoying a dance , voyeurism, fetishism, elderly people, the smell of people, watching someone sleeping, among others. There are paraphilias of all kinds:

1) Those that are considered strange, but that are tolerated because they are considered harmless, for example, choreophilia is the excitement through the observation of someone dancing;

2) Those who manifest a probable psychological disorder, for example, attraction to mannequins and dolls;

3) And those that have paraphilias that are considered directly illegal or antisocial, for example, sexual attraction to corpses or masturbation through incestuous relationships.

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