What is Gourmet Space and difference between chef and gourmet


Gourmet is the name given to a more elaborate, refined style of cooking that meets the demands of consumers with a more refined taste in terms of quality and presentation of the dish or drink.

The expression gourmet is associated with an idea of ​​“haute cuisine” ( haute coisine , in French), encompassing culture and culinary art, carefully prepared, with quality products and artistically presented.

Gourmet is a term of French origin and its meaning designated a connoisseur and connoisseur of good drinks and delicacies, as well as connoisseur of good wines.

Currently, gourmet is a term spread in several languages ​​and the concept that surrounds its name is broad, always to talk about the pleasures of the table with quality.

Gourmet can also be associated with a person who has a refined palate, and who has an advanced knowledge or understanding of cooking and gastronomy. The term is often associated with more expensive and refined products and services.

Gourmet is also defined as a limited production product, a product with an exclusive and bold design, with unique characteristics, and generally referred to as a ” premium ” positioning product , differentiated products and with a strong added value.

Gourmet cuisine is a well-explored market niche that ranges from the most expensive and traditionally refined products, such as foie gras and caviar, to more popular foods, such as hamburgers, brigadeiros and coxinhas, for example.

Gourmet space

It is an environment intended for culinary practice. The kitchen, previously considered a service place, located far from the other rooms in the house, today the space has gained prominence.

The gourmet space has been installed in privileged areas of houses and condominiums or even on apartment balconies.

The gourmet space can bring together planned and comfortable furniture, with various equipment with refinement and practicality for the elaboration of a well-detailed menu.

Main differences between a chef and a gourmet

Although there is a difference between a chef and a gourmet, both work in the field of gastronomy. However, there are some key differences between the two:

Aspects Chef gourmet
main focus Food preparation and presentation Study, understanding and evaluation of food
Required knowledge Technical and practical knowledge in cooking and culinary techniques Deep and broad knowledge about food, culinary culture and eating habits of a society
Workspace restaurants Universities, museums, culinary institutions, etc.
Skills Technical skill and creativity in the kitchen Knowledge of history, economics, social sciences, languages ​​and cultures

1. Approach

A chef’s primary focus is on the preparation and presentation of food, while a gourmet’s primary focus is on the study, understanding, and appreciation of food.

2. Knowledge

A chef must have technical and practical knowledge in the kitchen, as well as a solid foundation in culinary techniques.

A gourmet, on the other hand, must have a deep and broad knowledge about food, culinary culture, and eating habits of a society.

3. Scope of work

A chef typically works in restaurants, while a foodie may work in a variety of settings, such as universities, museums, culinary institutions, etc.

4. Skills

Chefs must have technical skill and creativity in the kitchen, while gourmets must have knowledge of history, economics, social sciences, languages ​​and cultures.

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