What is Gourmet definition/concept/elaboration

 A French word that refers to the pleasure of high-quality food and drink with a high gastronomic value. Originally, the word gourmet expressed the idea of ​​gluttony and was used to refer to foodies, but over time the term no longer has a pejorative meaning and was adapted to its current meaning.

The fact that the term comes from French reminds us that French cuisine was traditionally considered one of the tastiest in the world.

In culinary terminology, the term gourmet is used in various ways.

Thus, a person with a refined gastronomic palate is called a gourmet and is equivalent to the term sybarite. Both terms indicate that he is a person who loves good food and has a considerable gastronomic culture . Some establishments with high-value, high-quality products and food are also known as gourmet restaurants. Along these lines, there is also talk of a gourmet experience, in which it is understood that what is consumed is something more than a food. In this way, a person, a food or a restaurant can be evaluated as gourmet. In any of these contexts, the word gourmet refers to quality, exclusivity and high prices.

This concept is often used as a marketing strategy to convey an image of luxury and exclusivity. From a commercial point of view, the gourmet recipe concept is more attractive than an artisan recipe.

What is it to be a gourmet?

In the first place , to be a gourmet you must enjoy food in a broad sense, that is, as a pleasure to the senses, a personal experience and understanding the action of eating not only from a nutritional or food point of view.

The gourmet person has a gastronomic culture and knows how to evaluate a dish by its ingredients, its flavor, its preparation and its history. His knowledge allows him to assess the excellence of a dish or a product, usually, the gourmet is interested in the presentation, the new avant – garde trends and avoids industrial food and fast food or fast food establishments.

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