What is Conception/meaning/concept

Conceptism, also called conceptualism, is a literary trend developed in Spain during the 17th century. It is part of the Baroque and traditionally presents itself as a movement against culteranism. Conception

The legitimate representative of this current is Francisco Quevedo, but there are also other creators of great importance, such as Baltasar Gracián.

The main characteristic of conceptism is the predominance of ideas and concepts, which is why it has this name

The conceptist writer wants to express reality in precise terms, eschewing ornamentation in style. He also seeks beauty, but not as an end but as a means to convey his ideas.

In relation to stylistic resources , conceptism exalts paradoxes, periphrases and antitheses, as well as word games and polysemy. These resources are at the service of the harmony and spontaneity of the language, since the purpose is to tell something in a natural way, without the artificiality of culteranism. Conception

Literary critics highlight the conceptual intensity of this movement, without renouncing social criticism and satire. These ideas are expressed in the poetic work of Quevedo, who was close to the courteous environment of his time and dared to censor certain historical characters. His style was not limited to poetry, as he also cultivated the genre of narrative (especially the picaresque novel), ascetic works, moral and philosophical treatises, as well as theater works. Conception

Conceptism and culteranism rivaled as literary styles

In fact, the first represents the predominance of the background, of the conceptual, while culteranism bet on the formal dimension of language . This stylistic opposition was expressed in the confrontation of its top representatives: Quevedo and Gôngora. Some of his poetry criticized in a subtle and ingenious way. Quevedo disqualifies Gôngora in a resounding way, presenting him as a pretentious and ridiculous individual (he even wrote a poem called Gongorilla). Obviously, Gôngora responded to these imprudences, showing that both were experts in the art of insult. Conception

The influence of conceptism went beyond the work of Quevedo and others of that time, so your style is present at various stages of the literature of the Spanish language : the esperpento of Valle Inclán, the poets of the Generation of 27, in Borges and including singers current as Joaquina Sabina. Conception

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