What is Positive Emotions definition/concept

Experiencing emotions is very human. It is especially healthy to have emotions that are in tune with the underlying cause. For example, it’s healthy to feel joy in the face of good news. In fact, it is worth noting that all emotions are positive because they are necessary, that is, they are a form of soul expression that shows the constant interaction in our environment . Positive Emotions

However, it is common in a colloquial context to use the term positive emotions to refer to what is pleasant, that is, to show that one feels good about the situation presented. From this point of view, positive emotions differ from negative emotions, which are unpleasant. For example, humans avoid sadness whenever possible.

Ten types

1. The illusion of a desire that is close to fulfilling or that you simply envision as possible. Positive Emotions

2. The humor with which you observe life in a moment of laughter. At this point, the person feels energetic thanks to the effect of the good laugh.

3. Serenity, that is, feeling relaxed, right in that moment, peaceful with your life and harmonious with the present.

4. Gratitude with life, with others or with any circumstance that makes you feel better for the simple fact that everything is fine.

5. The joy of reciprocated love. This is the emotion a person in love feels when he is reciprocated in the same way.

6. Professional admiration for a person who is a reference to you. Someone you would like to follow in the footsteps. Positive Emotions

7. Forgiveness. It is the moment of inner freedom that a person feels when he really has an inner wound healed. Even more when you feel free to be towards the future, without the burden of what binds you to the past in a negative way.

8. The courage to feel capable of conquering those challenges that were important and with the enthusiasm of interest.

9. Amazement. This wonderful experience of feeling surprised like a child by something that transcends perfection.

10. Fun. It’s that special moment when time flies by the simple fact of being content .

positive emotions produce happiness

Without a doubt, the math of emotions reminds us that it is important to cultivate positive emotions. That is, personal development must follow the direction of the emotions and feelings that make them feel better. This does not mean that feeling sad is something negative, quite the contrary. However, permanent sadness, that becomes chronic , this is a reason for concern.

And how to promote the positive emotion of mood? Get together with friends, take a course in laughter therapy, enjoy comedy movies, avoid taking everything so seriously, listen to music, do what you like and enjoy.

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