What is Fairy Tale definition/concept/elaboration

In children’s literature the story genre is especially valued. There are children’s stories of all kinds: classic or traditional, legends, fables, adapted mythical stories, and even fairy tales. Fairy Tale

Main features

The stories related are of a fantastic type and in them appear imaginary beings who share adventures with human characters.

The natural and supernatural dimension blends together . In this sense, there are characters that change their appearance, others that live forever, natural elements with feelings and a series of magical aspects.

In tales there is a permanent tension between the forces of good and evil, but ultimately the stories always end with a happy ending. Fairy Tale

in universal culture

These tales are part of the cultural heritage of humanity. Through them, children feed their fantasy world, since the little ones play an important role in magical thinking . However, in addition to children’s stories, within fairy tales we find other elements that also interest adults, such as the desire for freedom , the search for happiness and the need to daydream.

The image of fairies, the origin of the term and its relationship with popular tradition

Traditionally these female beings have wings, small size and unique beauty, an image that comes from the British literature of the 19th century. However, in traditional legends, fairies had no wings and were not always pretty. Its male version is the elf, but in some stories fairies can be either male or female. Fairy Tale

Etymologically the word fairy comes from Latin, more specifically from fatum-fata, a term that refers to destiny. In this sense, fairies act as if they control the fate of human beings.

Like many other elements of our culture, fairies are characters that come from mythological stories, legends and popular oral tradition. Fairy Tale

The expression “live a fairy tale”

There are people who run away from their mundane reality and through imagination create their own fantasy world. In colloquial language , it is often said that they live in a fairy tale. This expression has a negative connotation, because through it it is understood that fantasies are not recommended as the engine of human existence. Fairy Tale

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