What is Political Philosophy definition/concept

There are several applications of philosophy. Political philosophy is the branch that focuses on the analysis of political content, placing a point of attention on good professional practices.

In this context, this discipline reflects on its essential principles as an exercise of power, the ethics that must accompany political practice, freedom in decision-making, the different forms of types of government and types of society .

Origin of political philosophy

Plato and Aristotle were very important thinkers in laying the foundations of political philosophy. Greek philosophers observed philosophy as a knowledge of wisdom fundamental to practicing politics as a virtue-based instrument that favors social good . Political philosophy also reflects on an issue as important as political corruption that can result from the misunderstanding of the exercise of power.

Political philosophy encompasses the study of political phenomena from an analytical, rational and objective view

It also reflects on the benefits and disadvantages of different political regimes, the criterion of justice and the importance of social rights as a fundamental pillar of political work.

Political philosophy is also part of the exercise of governing the polis, that is, the man in community. Politics is also based on the difference between the public and the private. In this context, the policy promotes justice, analyzes the rights and duties of citizens.

There are some fundamental concepts of political philosophy: the rule of law. This political philosophy also reflects on the principle of different social institutions and their governed norms.

political philosophers

There are great political philosophers who have marked history. Confucius was one of the first thinkers to put ethical work through politics into practice. Aquinas also reflected on how human beings could achieve good government through the practice of virtue. Nicolau Machiavelli was an expert in the study of power and law. Thomas Hobbes was the philosopher who reflected on the social contract as the axis of power for governors.

Political philosophy is a fundamental value for power to be exercised for the benefit and happiness of society due to the example of its rulers. Democracy is the most valued form of government, empowering the people through the right to vote.

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