What is Incubus definition/concept/elaboration

The incubus is an evil being who takes on the appearance of a man and rapes women. This being is part of the most varied European folk traditions which, according to them, is the same devil that enters a man’s body to sexually abuse women.

Incubi belief was very important during the Middle Ages.

In the Middle Ages, popular culture was imbued with all sorts of superstitions. Thus, it was believed in the power of witches, the evil eye, alchemy and various rituals and magical spells. At that time, the diseases and ills that affected mankind were not explained from a scientific perspective, but were considered as a divine punishment. In this context, incubi appear as evil creatures. Incubus

The legends of the incubi were analyzed by the court of the Inquisition. One of the inquisitors’ concerns was to determine whether or not an incubus could father a female . This question was of great concern to the Church, for if an incubus left a woman pregnant, it would mean that the devil himself could have human-looking children.

According to various literary references, the belief in incubi caused a situation of panic among women, as they feared that some men might be possessed by the devil.

Succubi were the female version of incubi

Succubi were women who were possessed by the devil and who had sex with men. According to some legends, succubi stole semen from men and then offered it to these beings.

The supposed existence of incubi and succubi generated a strong reaction from the church. In this regard, persecution campaigns were launched against all those who could be suspected and many of the alleged incubi and succubi were executed. Incubus

The satyrs of Greek mythology are a precedent for incubi and succubi

Satyrs existed in ancient Greek mythological narratives. These creatures were half man and half sheep, had pointed ears, horns on their heads, and a full head of hair. The satyrs accompanied the gods Pan and Dionysus through the woods and, as they were very skilled in dance and music, they seduced the beautiful nymphs and women and then raped them.

In mythological accounts, satyrs were described as happy and friendly creatures, but who sometimes got bored and became very violent beings. In many legends, it is claimed that the satyrs’ cruelty was caused by their great taste for wine. Incubus

In Greek mythology the satyrs were not the only cruel beings, as there were also the gorgons, the hecatonchyres and the Cyclops who were characterized by their extreme cruelty.

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