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Sky and space are two great mysteries. Despite the evolution of science, there are still many undiscovered secrets of the universe . Astronomers do a great job as researchers. However, anyone can contemplate the infinite space as long as it is from places with low light pollution, as these areas provide greater visibility. Another interesting question would be to enjoy the experience of visiting the Planetarium, as this is a fantastic cultural tour to share with friends, family or friends. Planetarium

the science of the universe

Not all cities have a Planetarium, this place is specifically designed to offer space projections and the exhibition of photographs of the sky. So, just like going to the cinema to watch a movie, you can also travel through the magic of this big screen and immerse yourself in the adventure of a spacewalk while visiting the sky.

In the planetariums, astronomical activities are carried out, for example, some centers also organize scientific conferences. The planetariums have a dome-shaped projection room. In this way, the viewer has a similar feeling when looking at the sky from both the countryside and the city. The planetarium has a didactic and pedagogical purpose, since these projections have a high educational and informative value.

For example, the viewer can better know the position of the planets, what a galaxy is, or enjoy a shower of stars. Just as many museums have a shop so visitors can buy souvenirs and take them home, many planetariums also have a shop that sells themed products such as astronomy books or postcards with photographs of space. Planetarium

a teaching tour

In the planetarium dome, a simulation of the sky is recreated with all the essential elements: the Moon, the Sun, the stars, the galaxies, the planets, etc. Many planetariums also organize outdoor astronomical observations when a special phenomenon occurs, for example, a lunar eclipse.

The experience of visiting the planetarium enriches the human being with the transcendent beauty of what is beyond oneself, approaching the mysteries of the universe. You can enjoy all of this without leaving your chair after purchasing your admission ticket. Planetarium

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