What is Moral Dilemma definition/concept/elaboration

The term moral dilemma refers to a particular circumstance where any decision made can avoid an evil that can cause other problems. These unknowns that belong to the field of ethics and discussions on the subject have been expressed for centuries, without entering into specific circumstances, treating the problem from an abstract and generic point of view . Currently, with the development of technology and interference in many areas of human experience, the theme has been revitalized not only from a theoretical or abstract point of view, but as an adequate form of decision-making. Thus, for example, a typical discipline where the possibility of responding to various moral dilemmas is presented is calledbioethics , which is responsible for responding to specific cases in which the preservation of health leads to cases that can easily be framed as moral dilemmas.

As mentioned above, moral dilemmas have been a concern since ancient times. A person’s ability to resolve them explains his wisdom, his ability to respond to inner circumstances related to life. A clear example is the biblical stories in which King Solomon gives a child his mother’s breast. As two women claimed to be the child’s mother and fought for it, Solomon gave the order to cut the child in half and give a part to each woman . One of them gave up saying that she would prefer the other woman to keep the child and that she would agreewith the decision. Salomão recognized, thanks to this simulation, who was telling the truth and who was lying, and thus the woman who wanted to preserve the child’s life would be the true mother. mo ral dilemma

In general, the criterion used to resolve a moral dilemma in which any decision made involves difficulties, one must choose the option that causes the least harm. War, for example, is an undesirable situation, as under certain circumstances it is a lesser evil compared to other options. For example, consider the case of World War II and the consequences that could result in letting Germany continue its mission. These facts show how important it is that decision-making at critical moments reveals a moral dilemma.

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