What is Sacred Geometry definition/concept

The origins of geometry go back to Ancient Egypt, when the first terrestrial measurement systems were created to delimit the territory after the periodic flooding of the Nile River. Thus, in a civilization steeped in spirituality, a mathematical discipline emerged . Sacred Geometry

The sacred dimension of geometry is present in philosophy, religion and the interpretation of nature

In the field of philosophy there are two currents that attribute a sacred value to geometry: Pythagoreanism and Platonism. Pythagoras and his disciples understood that geometric shapes and mathematics in general are the language of the universe .

The so-called Platonic solids play a fundamental role in the Platonic tradition, that is, a series of polyhedra that are very present in the various forms of nature. Sacred Geometry

In symbology and religious constructions, geometry is much more than a simple mathematical structure , since the represented shapes have a spiritual meaning.

An example of this is the Flower of Life, whose geometric pattern is present in Christianity and Buddhism

The Metaton Cube, a structure integrated with the Flower of Life, also has a creative sense, since in Judaism it is claimed that the Creator designed the shapes of the world from this geometric figure (it is said that the Metaton Cube helps us to understand the balance of nature).

Certain forms of nature, known as fractals, have geometric patterns. Consequently, this branch of mathematics is valued in its divine, metaphysical or sacred dimension .

An example of this would be the so-called Fibonacci Spiral or divine proportion of the golden number.

In summary , in the most varied disciplines, geometric representations appear as mysterious shapes and for this reason there is talk of a divine or sacred geometry.

Crystal therapy and quantum healing are two pseudoscientific streams of which geometry has deep spiritual significance.

According to the principles of crystal therapy, crystals and gemstones have certain healing properties because their color and geometric design influence the body’s energies. In this way, each stone has a specific healing property.

In quantum therapy, quantum structures are said to have healing properties, both physically and spiritually.

Both disciplines are based on the following criterion: when geometry expresses the order of nature, illnesses manifest some imbalance or bodily disorder and, consequently, the cure needs to resort to some geometric principle.

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