What is Kinetic Energy definition/concept

The energy kinetics is that derived from the movement . In fact, when observing everyday experience, it is possible to easily see when an element in motion comes into contact with another and is able to affect it in a way that changes its trajectory. This means, in other words, that the movement of any body, by the mere fact of existing, can cause work and move to another. This circumstance is due to the body being moved by a force. In this case, the mass of the moving body is an important element that must also be considered. So, for example, a soccer ball can move at the same speed as a bowling ball, but the latter will have more kinetic energy because it has a higher mass.

So far, a brief reference to the concept of kinetic energy. We can observe that it is integrally linked to other concepts proper to physics, such as force, work or dry energy. It is important to consider the respect that every body regardless of its circumstances has energy, where it can only be classified as kinetic when it is put in motion. Energy is basically the possibility for a job to be done. In relation to force, it refers to the possibility that one body has to affect the other, so when it is applied, there is a change that refers to the existence of work.

If the movement of a body means energy and if, according to one of the principles of thermodynamics, energy is not lost, but is transformed, it is possible to use this movement to produce other forms of energy. This reasoning is present in various forms of energy production that make it possible to a large extent in the economic development of nations. Thus, it is possible to generate electrical energy thanks to the correct application of techniques that transform into kinetic energy. A typical case is the so-called wind energy, which is obtained thanks to the movement of propellers through air masses to obtain electricity ; the case of hydropower can also be mentioned, which uses the movement of water for the same purpose.

In the case of using the kinetic energy of natural elements to improve economic productivity, it is not a current innovation . In fact, we are all aware of the famous windmills used for different activities, such as milling wheat; this type of construction has been using kinetic energy as a means to improve the economy for a long time.

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