What is Thermal Energy definition/concept

The term thermal energy refers to energy manifested as heat. From the point of view of human perception , it inevitably refers to the sense of touch. However, from a physical point of view, it is necessary to conceptually understand the process that occurs in its manifestation: heat is related to the behavior of the particles that make up a certain object , gas or liquid. From this observation, it is easy to understand some related phenomena.

When two bodies come into contact, one hot and the other colder, it is observed that the colder one gets warmer and vice versa, the hotter one cools down. The reason for this event is that heat is observed as a function of the movement shown by the particles that make up the object in question. In this case, the movement of particles proper to the hot object is gradually interrupted, whereas in the cold body the effect is reversed; Of course, this process is evidenced at the microscopic level. To establish an analogy, it can refer to the behavior observed by two colliding billiard balls, one at rest and one in motion; in this case, the moving ball moves slower, while the other one starts to move. Thermal Energy

The questioning of energetic phenomena in general and thermal energy in particular had its peak during the industrial revolution. In fact, it was sought by all means to improve the efficiency of the machines, a circumstance that was largely achieved. From this research, the development of thermodynamics as a science was established , which stipulates in one of its laws that energy is not lost, but is transformed. In this way, this circumstance means that caloric energy can be used to generate movement. Thermal Energy

The above description makes it clear that both work and energy are related to each other. This explains the need that man has to create energy sources to maintain economic activity . That’s why it’s important to search for new forms of caloric energy and transform it into electrical energy. A good option is solar energy, although there is still a long way to go before the manufacture of photovoltaic panels is cheap enough to guarantee profitability in their use. In fact, the main source of energy received by our planet comes from the sun and is responsible in large part for the proliferation of life. Thermal Energy

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