What is Industrial Safety definition/concept

In installations that carry out industrial activities, rules and procedures that guarantee safety must be applied . That’s why we talk about industrial safety. The main objective of any industrial security plan is logically to minimize any possible threat or risk that could harm the industry, both the people who work in it and the environment or its infrastructure.

organizational model

For a company in an industrial sector to adopt a series of security measures, the following conditions must be met:

1) a general legal norm (eg a decree);

2) a regulation that provides guidance on the safety standards that must be complied with;

3) additional technical instructions that detail all specific security aspects of a company.

Basic principles

The concept of security must be understood as a set of legal, technical and human elements aimed at certain levels of risk that can be considered tolerant.

Safety regulations are primarily aimed at ensuring the physical integrity of workers.

Technical knowledge is essential, in this sense, security professionals must know all the aspects involved, such as used materials, work processes, organization methods, etc.

In any industrial safety plan, the hazards and risks must be defined. These two concepts may seem equivalent, but they are not. Danger is something you identify, while risk is something you assess. In this way, hazard is a potential energy of deterioration, whereas risk is the probability of the hazard materializing. Thus, cars on the roads are a danger and crossing a road is a risk. Industrial Safety

Industrial safety plans include a number of items:

1) occupational risk prevention programs which structure the various responsibilities of workers;

2) methods and objectives to apply the occupational risk prevention policy and the consequent review and self-assessment thereof;

3) external control systems through independent audits that can assess all industrial safety processes.

For all issues relating to industrial safety to be effective, occupational hygiene criteria are also incorporated. Hygiene is understood as the set of rules that tend to protect the physical and mental integrity of the worker.

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