What is Geographical Space definition/concept

Geographic space can be defined as the space organized by society . It is a space in which human groups interact with natural resources , emphasizing different manifestations such as the urban landscape, the natural landscape and the agrarian landscape. It is sometimes used as a synonym for territory. Geographical Space

man’s relationship

Since the first hominids appeared on Earth, man has altered the natural environment to suit his needs. Thus, it is possible to explain the geographic space from different points of view according to its degree of change. Geographical Space

First, there is the natural landscape, the one that remains virgin in the face of man’s action or that at least has its footprint in recent times. On the other hand, there is the modified landscape, the one that, even without developing agricultural or livestock activities, man develops an action that can irreversibly modify this space (for example, through hunting). And finally the organized landscape, which is the result of a meditated and continuously developed change.

Characteristics of geographic space

In general, it can be said that the geographic space is localizable and can be defined by concrete coordinates of latitude and longitude, as well as its altitude. In fact, as it is a locatable space, it is possible to carry out its cartography . Geographical Space

It is a unique and differentiated space. No landscape is identical to another, but it can be grouped into a homogeneous set . This definition means that there are several regions with individual criteria, which can be found in a geographical space that belongs to several regions.

The geographic space is in continuous evolution due to the interaction between the human being and the natural environment

The analysis of the geographic space is carried out based on what is visible at the present moment, to then decipher structures that have acted on this space, revealing its history and the conditions of its development. Geographical Space

Ultimately, all changes produced by the land relief are the result of the interaction between endogenous variables related to plate tectonics and exogenous forces, fundamentally climatic.

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