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The luck of the human being can be measured from different perspectives, of course, in the field of health, there are several elements that define the level of personal well-being. A healthy lifestyle marked by such essential routines as the Mediterranean diet, moderate exercise and the absence of tobacco are a good formula for self – care . Genetic Disposition

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However, there are elements that transcend individual freedom itself . This is demonstrated, from the scientific point of view, in the information contained in the genetic code of the human being. This information may show some factor why a person is more likely to suffer a particular illness .

There are many families who are affected by cancer and as a result lose their loved ones. Currently, there are medical tests that help identify whether a person is genetically predisposed to cancer or other illnesses.

It should be noted that in addition to the genetic aspect, lifestyle can also be a determining factor that can aggravate this probability. That is, for example, if a person has a genetic predisposition to such a disease, in addition to tobacco that increases the risk . Genetic Disposition

genetic information

This genetic susceptibility shows a probability, however, it does not mean a determinism of cause and effect. Carrying out these tests can have a preventive value when there is control over the patient’s health, increasing levels of well-being and taking precautions against risk factors.

DNA genetic tests provide information on the genome. Specialized laboratories perform this type of medical examination so that the patient can do it freely.

Medicine is constantly evolving in developed countries. Health is one of the most precious assets. This type of test can determine the risk factor for getting cancer, as well as for other diseases such as diabetes. Genetic Disposition

These tests also show the importance of genetics in our lives, as well as a possible prevention of the future, since the patient, knowing the result, has more data to make changes in his/her lifestyle in a therapeutic way. Genetic Disposition

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