What is Mediterranean Diet definition/concept

The Mediterranean diet is not a diet or method of weight loss, but a pattern of eating , as its name implies, is typical of the Mediterranean basin.

This diet is considered very healthy, just as doctors and nutritionists say it is reliable to prevent cardiovascular disease and diabetes, as well as to avoid or reduce the consumption of drugs, reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels, among other positive effects. The secret of its benefit lies in the type of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fat that this diet contains, since these fats are beneficial to health.

Basic foods of the Mediterranean diet and some recommendations

An essential ingredient is olive oil, as this food is present in most dishes of traditional Mediterranean cuisine .

In this sense, it is recommended the daily consumption of about five tablespoons of olive oil, which is used both for cooking food and for salads. It is important to know how the food is cooked, as we must not over-fry. Dried fruits are also a staple of this form of diet, as they have good fats for our body. In relation to meat, you should reduce the consumption of red meat, as they increase uric acid and creatine in the blood.

On the other hand, white meat and poultry are recommended. The type of fish in the Mediterranean diet is white and blue fish, which are rich in fatty acids of the Omega 3 type, a substance that reduces blood lipids.

Vegetables are another characteristic ingredient and it is advisable to consume seasonal vegetables daily

They can be eaten raw in salads or braised. The fruit should be consumed in a variety of three to five servings a day.

Vegetables and cereals should be added to the daily diet, as they provide carbohydrate with slow absorption to the body. Lastly, dairy products are also recommended, but consumed in moderation.

Regarding beverages, the Mediterranean diet emphasizes the importance of water over sugary beverages. Wine in moderate amounts is also recommended to include in the diet.

The Mediterranean diet is not just a set of dietary recommendations, but a way and a habit of life

This diet alludes to a traditional ancient culture based on home cooking and food as a pretext for dialogue . It could be said that Mediterranean food is the antithesis of fast food of Anglo-Saxon origin.

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