What is Natural Landscape definition/concept

Nature can be presented in different ways. In most places, humans are interfering and transforming nature to meet their needs. Agricultural land, cities, roads and mountains are lands that man has occupied to develop all kinds of activities. Natural Landscape

However, our planet still has some places that men have not changed: they are natural landscapes. There are some examples of these places that we can highlight like the rainforests, the north and south poles, the high mountains, some deserts and coastal areas. They all have elements in common. They are in spaces that are difficult to access, life is subject to extreme conditions and there are more inconveniences than advantages when it comes to living in them. Generally, the density of  population in natural landscapes is especially low.

The main characteristic of the natural landscape is the non-alteration of its  state by man. For this reason it is called natural, since its structure was created by the interaction of climatic, ecological and geological elements.

There are landscapes that can be defined as semi-natural. This is the case of natural parks, which are legally protected and which inhabit a number of  species.

At other times, there was great interest in discovering new natural landscapes. Explorers and discoverers have been revealing the planet’s secrets and today they are known everywhere on Earth. For this reason, the concept of a natural landscape is more an idea than a reality . And as an idea it expresses the purity of nature, its wild and genuine dimension. It is a human ideal that tries to recover the time when nature was inhospitable and at the same time exerted a powerful magnetism. For this reason, it is not strange to find people looking for places that appear to be natural landscapes such as deserted beaches or forests far from civilization.

Some geographers often talk about the society– nature binomial . Nature changes from the moment of human interaction. Natural landscapes are like a symbol, untouched areas that man does not want or could not occupy.

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