What is Feminism definition/concept/elaboration

Feminism is a social movement that fights for the recognition of women in all senses and their full equality with men.

Feminism has a definite claim: it defends the situation of equality between men and women, since it sees women at a lower level than men. For feminists there is no rational argument to justify the inequality between the two sexes. Therefore, they consider the opposition of their claims to be a symptom of an old and generally sexist mentality.

The demands of this movement are very different and depend on the social context.

In general, we can cite some types of complaints: full equality of opportunity , a salary equal to men, non-discrimination against women in any circumstance (for example, when they are pregnant) and the proposal for a change in mentality in some sectors (in this sense it contrasts with traditional machismo ). Feminism

A historical brushstroke of the feminist movement

Although some women have struggled to be recognized throughout history, feminism grew out of the ideals that drove the French Revolution. In a very special way, the idea of freedom and emancipation for all human beings.

At the end of the 19th century, in Great Britain and the United States, a movement (called the suffragist) emerged that began to demand a right for women: the right to vote in the political field.

Initially, their claim was considered an extravagance and the political power was radically opposed, as they understood that women were not prepared for this responsibility . In addition to the political battle over voting, suffragism fought for a deeper change, in such a way that they wanted the recognition of women beyond the domestic field and their role as a mother. Feminism

The suffragettes led this demand movement and little by little managed to get their demands recognized

New Zealand was the first country to recognize the vote in 1893; Australia implemented it in 1902, and in the United States, white women exercised the power to vote from 1920 onwards, extending to the entire female population in 1965. Feminism

Feminism continues to demand full equality between women and men. Countless fronts have existed for decades and demand that some churches recognize women as a protagonist, that adultery be decriminalized and that there is no degradation of the image of women in the field of advertising.

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