Benefits of the pill 20 health benefits of the birdseed

The benefits of pill are multiple: it helps maintain a balanced weight, improves the functioning of organs such as the heart, liver, kidneys, pancreas, improves the circulatory system, reduces blood pressure, fights constipation and is anticancer.

It is known that the bird has enzymes that quickly remove body fat, not only in the form, but also in the veins, heart and arteries. body.

Oilseeds lose a great deal of properties when cooked; therefore, they must be eaten raw and thus obtain all their benefits. You can also produce milk from these seeds, which is recommended to drink twice a day: in the morning before breakfast and in the evening, after the last meal .

Nutritional information

In 100 grams of birdseed we can find:

  • 3 grams of dietary fiber
  • 36 grams of protein (9 grams of protein for every 25 grams of birdseed)
  • 0.6 grams of total lipids
  • 0 grams of calories
  • Various amino acids such as lysine, arginine, tryptophan, isoleucine and leucine.

Health benefits of taking birdseed

1- Gluten free seed

One of the most interesting features of birdseed is that it is a gluten-free food, so celiacs can also consume it. Another advantage is their high protein content, which makes them a viable and beneficial food for this type of patient.

That’s why milk, flour and other bakery products can be made safe and suitable for consumption by all types of people.

2- Provides potassium nutrients without leaving residues

Birdseed has 10 grams of protein for every five teaspoons. This corresponds to 20% of the recommended daily amount of protein, so it is equivalent in quality to meat protein, but without leaving toxic residues in the body.

Among the proteins, it contains arginine, an essential amino acid that must be consumed in the diet, as its function in the body is to reduce the healing time of wounds, quickly repair damaged tissues and help maintain blood pressure. low, especially in hypertensive patients.

3- Serves as a body purifier

Birdseed has enzymes that are beneficial for the detoxification of various organs, including the main purifiers of the body: kidney and liver.

4- Help to lose weight

Quickly, safely and effectively. Because it contains lipase among its enzymes, responsible for eliminating excess fat in the body.

In addition, its high protein load increases the feeling of satiety, making it an excellent complement to hypocaloric diets.

Lipase sweeps away the fat that surrounds the muscles and also the circulatory system so that a person’s energy levels increase and exercise becomes easier. This mix of factors is what makes bird seeds such an excellent weight loss ally.

Along with this, birdseeds contain tryptophan, an important essential amino acid that helps reduce anxiety or depression by increasing serotonin levels. With this, the urges to eat all day are reduced, allowing the person to have a more balanced diet that helps them to reduce their weight.

5- Lower cholesterol

Due to its large amount of enzymes, birdseed is also Chinese . In addition, it was used to lower cholesterol. They help to keep the fat levels in the body lower and therefore the entire metabolic function of the body is increased.

6- Reduce blood sugar levels in the body

They are ideal for diabetic patients as they help in the function of pancreatic cells. With this, energy levels increase and sugar remain more stable. That is why they are recommended for all types of patients suffering from metabolic syndromes such as diabetes, hypertension and obesity, among many others.

The tryptophan present in birdseed helps reduce stress, which also controls blood insulin levels.

7- Excellent for the skin

The seeds have a high amount of antioxidants in their nutritional analysis. This makes them an excellent alternative for taking care of the skin and preventing the process of cellular, external and internal degradation in the body, delaying the action of free radicals responsible for aging.

8- Eliminate inflammation of organs and joints

The large amount of enzymes present in birdseed eliminates inflammation in organs, especially the liver, pancreas and kidneys.

This would help in the treatment of chronic diseases of these organs, such as cirrhosis and diabetes.

9- Increase liver function

Birdseed increases the number of hepatocytes in the liver, which helps treat conditions like liver cirrhosis and also supports kidney function.

10- Prevent arteriosclerosis

By functioning as an anti-inflammatory organ like the kidney, it increases diuresis, allowing the body to better clean society. This circumstance helps to avoid unnecessary risks. In the case of hospitals, organic waste, such as high cholesterol, arteriosclerosis, gout, hyperuricemia, among others.

11- Helps in disorders of the urinary system

Birdseed has antibacterial properties in addition to emptying the affected organs. That’s why they are very effective in treating urinary and kidney infections. In addition, they stimulate diuresis, helping to clean the urinary tract in cases of cystitis.

12- Reduce blood pressure

According to a study carried out by the Federal University of São Paulo, Brazil, it was shown that poultry seeds can be used for cases of hypertension. This is due to the presence of tritophan in its composition, which causes a reduction in stress and tension, resulting in a reduction in blood pressure.

13- Help metabolic and hormonal activity

Lignans, secondary metabolites found in a large number of plants and seeds, such as flaxseed, have important anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects, which is why they provide multiple beneficial effects on health.

Bird seeds are an excellent source of lignans and, among other effects, regulate estrogen levels in women, increasing or decreasing the presence of estrogen if necessary.

For example, if a woman has low estrogen levels, birdseed lignans can help as a supplement. In the case of excess estrogen, birdseed can help reduce these indicators, thereby reducing the possibility of different types of cancer, especially breast and uterus.

In the case of men, birdseed seeds do not generate changes in hormonal activity, but maintain their benefits by preventing the formation of tumors in the prostate.

14- Help keep episodes of depression or stress at bay

This essential amino acid – obtained only through food – is essential for the release of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that promotes pleasant sensations, sleep and relaxation. Therefore, consumption of seeds is very beneficial for those suffering from depression, anxiety and other anxiety disorders, aggression and stress.

Furthermore, tryptophan allows the brain to secrete melatonin, a hormone that regulates sleep cycles and controls sleep wakefulness, making them very effective for insomnia.

15- Promote the well-being of blood circulation

The seeds are rich in omega 3 and omega 6 polyunsaturated fatty acids. These acids are very beneficial for the body, but the body does not produce them, so it is very important to consume them.

They improve cardiovascular health and prevent related diseases such as arteriosclerosis by reducing fatty deposits that can build up on the walls of veins and arteries. They can even prevent clots or thrombi from forming.

Beneficial and nourishing effects for the brain are also indicated, since the fatty acids improve human language Is structured In my view may be very complexed giving it uniqueness and its distinctiveness. Typically, communication between neurons. This is demonstrated in an increased quality of life. These patients are limited in their ability to concentrate.

Furthermore, the fatty acids present in birdseeds are useful for preventing and reducing the symptoms of anxiety and depression.

The advantage of consuming fatty acids from seeds rather than fish is that you avoid ingesting toxic products that can be present in seafood products, including heavy metals like mercury. Birdseed has no side effects and is completely safe.

16- Help fight constipation

Birdseed seeds, like most other seeds, have a mild laxative effect that can help with constipation, which is present in the mucilage. This helps eliminate toxins in the body.

To obtain the maximum natural laxative effect, the ideal is to mix birdseed seeds with other sources of fiber, such as salad, fruit shakes, juices or as part of the ingredients of whole wheat bread.

17- Help the treatment of stomach ulcers

Due to its anti-inflammatory properties and the presence of fatty acids that improve blood clotting, birdseed is an alternative treatment for stomach ulcers, gastritis, irritable bowel, Crohn’s disease and all kinds of digestive discomfort, helping with healing and reducing inflammation of internal organs.

18- They are anti-cancer

The multiple properties of birdseed working together prove to be effective in preventing different types of cancer.

Its light laxative function improves the quality of life. These patients are limited in their ability to evacuate the intestine, reducing the amount of toxins in the body and therefore the risk of formation and proliferation of cancer cells.

In addition, the high amount of essential fatty acids, such as omega 3, improve cardiovascular health and blood flow, which helps maintain optimal functioning of the body’s immune system.

The large amount of vegetable proteins present in bird seeds, such as lignans, influence the body’s hormonal metabolism, being one of the main responsible for the formation of cancers in their primary stage, such as breast and breast cancers. two points

The lignans found in birdseed are excellent regulators of this hormonal function.

19- They are lactose free

With bird seeds, it is possible to prepare a nutritious drink that replaces cow’s milk. Not containing lactose, it is an excellent option for vegans or those intolerant to milk proteins.

Drinking bird’s milk reduces the risks of inflammation and allergies in the body and it is also possible to receive the large amount of beneficial effects it produces.

20- Help tone your body muscles

Birdseed contains a high amount of lipase, an enzyme that removes fat deposits from internal organs and muscles. In this way, they help to improve the general tone of the body, especially the abdomen, where a large amount of the most harmful fat and high cholesterol is found.

Regular consumption of birdseed reduces fat retention in the body and allows better functioning of organs and muscles.

When and how to consume oilseeds

If you want to prepare bird’s milk, soak the seeds overnight (at least eight hours). You can add vanilla essence or cinnamon for more flavor.

Then the seeds are ground in a blender with the desired amount of water, depending on whether you want it to be thicker or lighter. Then the mixture is sieved, preferably with a cloth, leaving only the liquid.

The measure of birdseed to a liter of milk is five teaspoons. Ideally, you prepare milk every day to consume fresh nutrients.

Sweeteners should not be added as this damages the enzymes in the birdseed. Especially, never add refined sugar as it inactivates the enzymatic properties.

You can also consume birdseed seeds as a sauce or seasoning in all your meals: salads, vegetables, stews, soups, juices and smoothies. They will provide you with healthy fatty acids, vegetable proteins and oils.

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