What is Family Pedagogy definition/concept

The family system is the one that most marks the personal plane. That is, sometimes personal suffering is linked to problems in relating to others, difficulties in bonding with others. Family Pedagogy

The family is present throughout life. For this reason, on occasions, problems do not have a recent root, but may have a remote origin in the family’s history.

family education

The pedagogy family establishes a bridge of hope for families who have some difficulty. The family educator establishes a diagnosis and prepares a therapeutic itinerary to open new doors to the future.

The family doesn’t just take root. There is also a role for elementary education . In fact, parents educate their children by their example.

They establish norms of moral performance. At times, parents feel disoriented by the demanding work of educating each child and encouraging each one in the best way possible. Sometimes they live in difficult situations, where parents need therapeutic support and professional advice to integrate new attitudes.

Therefore, family pedagogy strengthens families when they have the willingness and collaboration to do so. Family pedagogy observes the social dimension of education, since culture and the formation of free human beings, aware of themselves and with ethical values ​​is a good for a better society. The family is an environment for the socialization of individuals in the private sphere, but also in the public sphere.

Work methodology

Pedagogy is a theoretical discipline , but with a practical vocation . Each case is specific, so the theory adapts to the context. Therefore, family pedagogy improves the quality of family life through education as a value of expression of love.

In other words, family pedagogy speaks of values. The main agents responsible for family education are the parents. In this regard, family pedagogy is always attentive to different family models.

The family pedagogue is the professional who, based on a practical and specific case, identifies a lack of education. Thus, he elaborates a proposal of practical solutions delimited to this context, that is, this action plan opens a door to hope.

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