What is Kinsey Scale definition/concept

People’s sexual orientation is not limited to two simple categories: heterosexual or homosexual. Both inclinations have varying degrees and therefore the spectrum of sexuality is much broader. To classify sexual inclinations there is a measure, the Kinsey Scale. This scale consists of six different levels of behavior .

After a test with several questions, researchers can determine each individual’s sexual orientation . At level 0 the person is only heterosexual, at level 1 he is heterosexual with a small homosexual inclination , at level 2 there are more intense homosexual inclinations, at 3 it is possible to talk about bisexuality, at 4 there is a clear tendency towards homosexuality, at 5 the identity homosexual is even more notorious and at level 6 the individual is exclusively homosexual. Kinsey Scale

Later, a new category was created related to people who have no sexual inclination.

The publication of Kinsey’s work caused a scandal in American society

The American Alfred C. Kinsey (1894-1956) was a biologist initially focused on the study of animals. In the 1930s, he began collecting information about human beings and their sexual behavior .

After surveying thousands of individuals, he compiled his findings in two books that were published in 1948 (each of which analyzed the sexual behavior of men and women).

Some of their conclusions were as follows: 20% of married men between 30 and 35 years old had extramarital relations and 28% of women and 60% of men declared to have had some homosexual relationship during adolescence Kinsey Scale

The publication of these reports was heavily criticized at the time, but today the scientific dimension of their contributions is recognized. Through his researches, Kinsey did not intend to solve sexual problems, as his only objective was to expose some concrete facts.

Like many other scientific theories related to human behavior, the Kinsey Scale was also heavily criticized.

In the first place , it asserts that it is incorrect to explain sexuality through percentages and objective measures.

Second, the test questions may be adequate, but it is impossible to control the people surveyed’s ability to lie. Kinsey Scale

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