What is Misandry definition/concept/elaboration

The term misandry comes from the Greek and literally means “hatred of men”. This word refers to contempt for man. In this sense, this psychological inclination is not directed towards specific male behavior, but rather designed for all males.

women who despise men

For thousands of years, the male world has imposed itself on the female world. In the vast majority of cultures, men ruled and women obeyed or played a secondary role in many orders of life. Misandry

In the past, it was even thought that a woman’s soul was different from that of a man and that her intelligence was also inferior. This situation began to change very slowly with the feminist movement at the beginning of the 20th century.

Over time, men and women have achieved legal equality , but in reality there are still notable inequalities between both sexes. Because of this, some women blame men for the unequal situation and this accusation is sometimes transformed into hatred and aversion to everything that is masculine.

Women with this psychological inclination may feel permanently dissatisfied in their relationships with men.

They often believe that everything a man does is wrong in some sense. Misandry

In some cases, women see men as the main culprits for most social problems: street violence , wars, the established social model, among others. Consequently, they believe that the male world symbolizes evil and they represent good.

In relation to motherhood, it is already possible to be a mother without the direct participation of a man, because with in vitro fertilization , the sperm is used in semen banks and thus it is possible to have children.

This circumstance makes some women understand that men are totally expendable to motherhood and do not give any or very little importance to the father figure.

In relation to gender violence, misandric women do not recognize that, in some cases, it is women who act violently. Misandry

Anyway, misandry has or may have a paradoxical component, as they are women who are attracted to men, but at the same time hate and despise them.

the other side of the coin

The feeling of inverse aversion, that is, from men to women, is misogyny. A misogynist is usually a man who sees women as a sex object rather than a person . The most extreme form of expression of misogyny is sexist violence.

When hatred is directed at men and women indistinctly, the phenomenon is known as misanthropy. The opposite feeling is philanthropy, that is, love for humanity. Misandry

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