What is Morbimortality definition/concept

From a statistical point of view, a nation’s health services need to account for mortality and morbidity rates. In the first case, it is the number of people who died in a population as a whole. The morbidity index or rate refers to the proportion of individuals who fall ill during a given period. Morbimortality

Obviously, both concepts are closely related, as many illnesses are the direct cause of death. Thus, morbidity and mortality is spoken of as the interaction between deaths and the medical causes that occur. It should be noted that the morbidity and mortality rate can be understood as a general and raw data or else in a specific way (by disease , sex or age).

When it is demonstrated that a specific pathology is the cause of a certain number of deaths, one speaks of the morbidity and mortality of this disease

The causes of death in the world are highly variable. In countries like Colombia, France or Spain, cardiovascular diseases are the main cause of death in the population. In many African countries, AIDS, malaria and hepatitis B are part of a high percentage of deaths. Morbi mortality

The statistical data provided on morbidity and mortality are very useful to establish effective medical strategies.

The obesity , malaria, diabetes and dengue are diseases that can potentially lead to death. Likewise, morbidity and mortality can be guided in all types of medical issues, such as pediatrics, maternity or smoking. On the other hand, water quality or atmospheric contamination are some of the causes that produce deadly diseases.

Infant morbidity and mortality

Child deaths depend on two main factors: a nation‘s poverty level and the quality of public health. In large parts of Asia and Africa, the two main causes of childhood morbidity and mortality are pneumonia and diarrhea. These pathologies produce mortality rates that could be significantly reduced through basic medical care, correct nutrition and a vaccination system . Morbimortality

Medical studies on child morbidity and mortality are focused on all causes that are directly related to child death. Among them, perinatal conditions (asphyxia during childbirth or congenital pneumonia) and congenital malformations stand out.

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