What is Elixir Paregoric yam and Elixir in RPG games


Elixir is a term used to designate a potion or liquid preparation, based on an active principle such as ethyl alcohol and aromatic substances. The ingestion of it is done orally and it is believed that the “potion” would have a sugary taste, in addition to being comforting and balsamic.

In a figurative sense, the it can be seen as a drink that has magical, miraculous and healing properties.

In the Middle Ages, the elixir was then manipulated by alchemists and according to the beliefs of the time, the liquid would be able to transform common metals into gold, in addition to healing and strengthening the human body.


It is known as paregoric elixir, a tincture that is used to relieve intestinal pain, gas and stomach pain, in addition to aiding digestion.

yam elixir

It is a home remedy, a herbal solution used to eliminate toxins from the body. Among the main benefits would be the elimination of toxins, skin cleansing, relief of joint inflammation, aid in digestion, among others.

Elixir in RPG games

It tends to be a very common item in role-playing video games, as a form of potion to recover powers, elements or even the life of a certain character in the game. These can usually be earned through searching the map or through skills that can be earned as players level up over the course of the game. In games, the term “elixir” or “potion” is used in English.

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