What is Elixir definition/concept/elaboration

Health is one of the main pillars of society ‘s well-being . From an ideal point of view, medicine seeks to provide, at some point, the key formula for achieving great goals and improving the quality of human life . Elixir

In relation to the passage of time and aging, eternal elixir of youth has not yet been discovered, ie, there is no magic potion that causes the person to become forever young .

eternal youth in cinema

On the contrary, it happens in cinema thanks to the magic of science fiction. Blake Lively plays the movie “Adaline’s Secret”, a young woman who after having an accident, reaches eternal youth.

Oscar Wilde also reflects on this universal theme in The Portrait of Dorian Gray. In connection with the elixir of eternal youth comes the dream of the elixir of eternal life.

From a real point of view, the elixir also refers to a liqueur with medicinal purposes. An important medicine that can offer a solution to a serious illness or simply a drug that immediately relieves pain and has an excellent therapeutic effect, an elixir with high healing power. People look for this type of product for different purposes, for example, an elixir to prevent hair loss, to give up smoking, among others.

A very valuable medicine. When a patient has chronic pain , he dreams of an elixir to alleviate all the discomforts that cause so much discomfort in their lives.

Some elixirs are very traditional. This is the case, for example, with home remedies prepared with natural ingredients.

Elixir of seduction

In the field of love and romance, many passionate people who are unrequited or unlucky in love seek the elixir of love, that irresistible thing that makes one person fall madly in love with another.

Seduction experts believe that romantic words and compliments are part of this romantic elixir. Some perfumes also promise this elixir effect that brings an irresistible aroma.

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