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E-recruitment or online recruitment is the process of recruiting and selecting employees via the Internet , using tools and technologies to search and contact candidates.

The method is already widespread in the market and is becoming more complete every day, thanks to technological developments, such as the application of People Analytics.

With the support of the right tools, HR is able to segment its disclosures, filter candidates and reduce the number of stages , making the recruitment process much more agile and efficient, ensuring effective hiring, which reduces expenses with turnover.

Advantages of E-recruitment?

By joining online recruitment, companies are able to optimize various stages of the selection processes, making recruitment much more advantageous, both for the organization and for the candidates. Below, we explain in depth some of the main advantages of the method.

1-Cost reduction

Opting for digital recruiting is a way to reduce costs and optimize the HR team’s time . That’s because the technological tools allow a better screening of resumes, eliminating duplication and guaranteeing only candidates compatible with what the company wants.

In addition, it is not necessary for candidates to travel to the company for on-site steps, which not only streamlines processes, but also saves those seeking the opportunity.

2-Greater efficiency

One of the main features of E-recruitment is process efficiency. Through a digital environment, it is possible to have two-way communication and directly impact candidates who are more aligned with the profile of the vacancy, optimizing all processes.

In addition, massive disclosure increases the chances of getting it right when hiring, bringing in candidates who share the organizational culture and reducing turnover rates in recent hires.

3-Wider selection

Another advantage of online recruitment is the possibility of finding candidates, regardless of where they are located, breaking down physical barriers that limit selection . In this way, distance is no longer a requirement and the company can perform all steps digitally, finding the best professionals available.

Thus, technology also makes life easier for the recruiter, who no longer need to be stuck in the office and can conduct interviews and tests just using a cell phone or notebook.

4-Creating a resume bank

With E-recruitment, HR no longer needs to archive hard-copy resumes and can build a digital talent bank , accessing it whenever new opportunities arise.

This way, it is possible to make the selection processes even faster, since you will already have previous information about the professional collected in past processes. Thus, it is possible to find, for example, candidates who are already engaged , have a defined behavioral profile and have already passed a cultural fit test.

More security and organization in processes

In addition to more agility and efficiency, online recruitment also allows HR to have more control at each stage , standardizing résumés and keeping a track record of candidates who have already participated in the company’s processes.

Also, with technological tools, such as recruitment software, it is possible to store a large volume of data in the cloud , keeping backups and ensuring more security and practicality in accessing information.

How to do E recruiting?

Digital recruitment can be done with the help of several tools. However, regardless of the technology chosen, it is important to follow some basic steps, as we will see below.

1-Have a strategic plan

The first step of E-recruitment is the planning of the vacancy and the steps that will make up the selection process. Thus, it is necessary to define, for example:

  • what is the scope of the vacancy;
  • what is the profile of the desired professional;
  • where you can find candidates;
  • how applicants will find out about the vacancy;
  • what will be evaluated in the first step;
  • what are the next steps after résumé screening.

2-Define the channels that will be used

The attraction channels used must be defined according to the profile of the desired professional . Here, it is important to observe, for example, the level of education, the candidate’s experience and the area in which he works.

IT professionals, for example, require an active approach and, in these cases, it is possible to use websites and groups specialized in the IT area, as well as social networks such as LinkedIn.

3-Analyze the profiles

It is important for HR to monitor candidates’ profiles online to understand if they are compatible with the organizational culture and how they behave. Social networks are a good showcase and in them it is possible to verify if the person is unstable at work, if he behaves well or if it harms the company’s image on the platforms.

On LinkedIn, for example, you can check out previous experiences and even recommendations from other professionals who have already worked with the candidate.

4-Apply tests and do interviews remotely

Most selection processes require the candidate to pass tests , whether to assess technical skills or soft skillsThis type of test also needs to be taken in online recruiting. For this, the tip is to choose a platform that allows you to customize the assessments according to what the company needs.

But it is important to understand that, even though the selective process is being done digitally, it should not be carried out entirely by artificial intelligences. In this case, it is recommended that HR conduct interviews via videoconference to observe important details, such as communication, speech tone and body posture.

What tools are used in E-recruitment?

In order to carry out an efficient E-recruitment, it is important for HR to know different tools and assess which ones best fit in your selection process. Below we list some of the key technologies that can be implemented.

1-online platforms

The platforms online tools are often used to advertise job openings and receive applications . Through them, it is possible to advertise opportunities, define filters and requirements and even carry out the first steps of the selection process.

In addition, this type of platform allows you to search for professionals according to keywords and invite those who are aligned with the vacancy to participate in the process.

However, it is worth noting that not all platforms are the same and offer the same services . Some of them, for example, are focused on managerial positions, while others are more general.

2-Social networks

Another tool that can be used in E-recruitment to search for candidates is social media. The main one is LinkedIn, which focuses on the professional world and already reaches more than 600 million users around the world.

With the network, it is possible to connect with different professionals, publish vacancies and résumés, generate content, network and check recommendations. In addition, it has exclusive resources for recruiters , which facilitate the search for candidates and ensure more efficiency in the selection processes.

3-video conferencing tools

During the online recruiting process, HR needs to take a moment to conduct interviews and group dynamics . Therefore, it is essential to have videoconferencing tools that allow meetings to be held at a distance , regardless of the candidate’s location.

How can technology help with E-recruitment?

In addition to the aforementioned tools, other more complex technologies are also great allies of HR when it comes to online recruitment, such as People Analytics and artificial intelligence.

People Analytics is a method of data collection and analysis that helps the department to deeply know its employees, identifying important competencies and characteristics to create an “ideal candidate” .

Artificial intelligence, on the other hand, allows machines to learn to make decisions on their own, speeding up the selection process even more. With this technology, it is possible, for example, to automate the analysis of responses and candidates, following criteria such as facial expression, body language and speech rate.

This type of technology can be found in the Solids Recruitment and Selection tool . It is a platform that combines artificial intelligence, People Analytics and behavioral management in a single system, helping HR in recruiting and selecting the best talent.

Through it, it is possible to carry out all stages of the selection process online and in a practical way, finding candidates who have a higher percentage of adherence to the vacancy , based on previously defined behavioral and technical requirements.

In addition, HR can track the most important metrics through reports complete with information about the selection process .

In conclusion, E-recruitment is the name given to the recruitment and selection process that takes place online. This type of recruitment is quite advantageous for companies, as it allows for a more effective and agile hiring.

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