What is Existential Void definition/concept

The human feeling that life is meaningless has been defended by some philosophers with the term existential emptiness. This feeling usually happens among people who consider that human life is meaningless, as they do not believe in a superior God, much less in any idea that gives some kind of meaning to life. Existential Void

The existential vacuum has been described as a disease of the soul, for those who value life in this way have the feeling of helplessness , boredom and definitely live with the conviction that being alive is associated with despair and lack of faith.

Possible causes of existential emptiness

From a philosophical point of view, existential emptiness can be explained in several ways:

  • – The idea that God does not exist, since it is a concept created by man. Thinking in this way man feels alone and helpless;
  • – The idea that there may be a God, but its existence does not mean a purpose of human life, consequently, one experiences an interior emptiness similar to what one has when one believes that God does not exist.
  • – The idea that human reason and science are the only valid instrument to seek the truth. This consideration excludes any path towards transcendence or spirituality, from which one can lead to interior emptiness.
  • – The idea that the human being is pure existence and has no essence. This  conception makes man perceive himself without a purpose, as he came to this world for a simple biological question. Existential Void
  • – Not finding an idea regarding certain questions: “who are we?”, “what do we do in this life?”, among others.

the personal consequences

The various ideas or beliefs that lead to existential emptiness bring consequences to human beings, some of which are as follows:

1) lead a life in which only the present exists;

2) adopt an escapist position (escape from reality can lead to certain vices,  materialism, and a sense of frustration or vital anguish; Existential Void

3) approach human life with the absence of supreme values ​​and, therefore, act without ideals.

Finally, it should be noted that some thinkers described the existential emptiness as a desert of the human soul. Philosophically, existential emptiness is equated with the concept of nothingness. Existential Void

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