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What is congress academic/importance/seminar and symposium

What is an academic congress?

Academic congresses aim to debate and reach new conclusions on a central theme . congress academic

So, it is a meeting of professors , researchers , students and professionals who are interested in the subject, to discuss and present new scientific research and new results.

That is: all people who are interested in the subject and who work in the area of ​​the topic.

Congresses can be regional, national and international. It all depends on the scope it has.

And within a congress there can be several different activities, such as: colloquia , conferences, academic panels , lectures, symposia, courses.

From this, it is possible to understand the breadth and complexity of a congress, which is much larger than other types of event. congress academic

Each congress has its own rules and regulations. So the dynamics and structures vary a lot.

But, in general, all congresses feature the presentation of scientific articles and lectures on the subjects.

Why is it important to participate in an academic congress?

As with other academic events, congresses serve to discuss and present news on a topic.

Participation in a congress is not necessarily linked to the need to present a work or publish an article. You can simply participate to listen and find out more about the topic.

Let’s list the main benefits. I’m sure I’ll convince you to participate in one:

Enrich the Lattes Curriculum

Even simply participating as an observer at a congress generates a certificate of participation.

However, the certificate of participation in an event has a lower score than the certificate of presentation of work.

In any case, certificates help to enhance the  Lattes Curriculum  and can be important factors in highlighting students. congress academic

Get news and important points about the topic

A conference is also a great place to find out about what’s happening around that topic, who are the people who are researching and writing about it, and what the latest findings are.

This is very important, especially in the face of so much content and information that we receive. If we were to search the topic on  Google Scholar , for example, it is possible that the result will offer trillions of  different works  .

So, congresses are important to filter information and direct the gaze to what is most important in scientific research.

Favor communication between researchers

Furthermore, as I said before, it is a place to promote dialogue and discussion. Often in small groups. This greatly favors communication. congress academic

In other words, they help to develop networking and give the opportunity to talk about specific areas.

Even because, it is possible that the congress brings together all the people who are interested in the topic, but who develop research and work in different places, to talk about that specific subject.

As the congress is a broader event, it reaches a wider audience, which also includes professionals in the field.

Develop new scientific knowledge

And as if that were not enough, the results of the congresses can bring important conclusions on the themes and generate new ideas to continue the research.

So, it is an important way to develop  scientific knowledge  and advance in  science . congress academic

Direct career to specialty

The events also help students to direct their careers towards a specialty, with more specialized sectors in their area.

If you suspect that you will enjoy working in an area, you can participate in a specific event on the subject and find out how it is applied in practice, what is new, and how research on the subject is developed.

This can help you to define the area you want to pursue within the course.

For example, if you are studying Law and are interested in Labor Law, you can participate in a congress and get in touch with the latest research on this subject. congress academic

So, you can find out if it is an area that you want to continue studying and specializing or not.

Understand the difference between congress, seminar and symposium

Some events are so similar that they confuse people.

We will present the differences between a congress, a seminar and a symposium.

The congress is the broadest type of all academic events. It even has a national or international scope and takes place over several days, including many other types of events in its schedule.

The symposium , in turn, is an event that only takes place in a single day, to aggregate new results and advance scientific knowledge on a specific topic. The debate takes place without a person to mediate.

While the seminar has one person to mediate all discussions. Another important difference is that in the seminar, subjects are only discussed, but no decision is taken. congress academic

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