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Difference between the General Objectives and the Particular Objectives/comparison table

When working on an academic project, and even of other natures, one of the first and most important steps to take is the delimitation of the general objectives and the particular or specific objectives. Objectives generally serve the purpose of delineating the expected scope of the project. Hence the importance of these being established as part of the planning prior to the execution (hypothetical or actual) of the project. Difference between the General and the Particular Objectives

Comparative Table

General objectives
Particular (specific) objectives
What is it? There are usually only one or a couple of these in each project. The overall objective describes the goal a project wants to reach. This gives an overview of the panorama from the point of arrival. To achieve these, it is necessary that specific objectives exist. Compliance with each of these will help to shape the whole which, in this case, are the general objectives.
Delimitations These are central. They focus on the idea behind the project. The project will in fact be developed around these. Each step will be planned with the intention of achieving or testing them. Obviously, these are more detailed, more focused on some aspects not as central as those of the general objectives. However, individual objectives are as important as general ones.
Contents Within these, the central idea of ​​the work is included. Likewise, the purpose of the work is included, that is, why it is being carried out. Finally, you must include what you intend to test as a hypothesis. Regarding these, each of the steps necessary to achieve the general objective must be included. Every possible variable must be considered.

It is important not to leave out any detail, because that is what these are about, the details that will shape the project. we can know

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