What is Common Sense definition/concept

The common sense concept is used to designate the intelligence developed in human beings and which allows them to deal sensibly with different situations in life.

It is usually understood as what is right to do, think or say at certain times, even if this does not necessarily imply that this action, thought or phrase is the correct one

For example, common sense is used when telling a person who is suffering that the situation will improve, even without really knowing if it will happen in the future. Common sense, in this case, acts sensibly and appropriately to respond to tragedy or pain.

The notion starts from the idea of ​​being shared by everyone in a society or community, hence it is considered the “common”

This means that it does not depend on the subjectivity of a person or individual , but is based on traditions, accepted behaviors and ways of acting that in this society are considered adequate for each situation.

In many cases, common sense is the same for some issues in different parts of the world, for example, it is understood that it is common sense to drive a car without being under the influence of alcohol. This happens anywhere in the world, although there are individuals who do not respect this law.

Common sense can be described as a rational and sensible way of acting

This is because it does not always mean doing the right thing, so it cannot be directly related to a matter of morals or ethics, but rather to what is best for each particular situation. It is supposed that common sense is what makes us behave, trying to make each situation the best possible for ourselves and for others.

It is common to hear about common sense in the streets, in private conversations, among others, when judging a certain situation and the way a person acts or responds to it, so, common sense is used or something is done right accordingly. with the circumstances in question.

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