What is Cherry Blossom definition/concept

The cherry trees blossom in spring as soon as their branches are filled with flowers, which are striking and have different colors and tones, with a special emphasis on the pale pink flowers.

The cherry tree is a deciduous tree that in winter has a dry appearance, however, in early spring it fills with life and the first and illustrious cherry blossoms appear, endowed with great color and enriching parks with their characteristic pink color.

Normally, due to its beauty , the cherry blossom is used for commercial and decorative purposes (it is very present in the world of tattooing thanks to its strong symbolic charge), but it also carries several beneficial qualities for the treatment of certain diseases of the body. . In this sense, it is especially recognized for its diuretic property when taken as an infusion.

Cherry Blossom in Oriental Culture

Much of the importance of the cherry blossom in Eastern culture radiates to Buddhism. In this religion, the cherry blossom is associated with the passing character of life and beauty, at the same time it symbolizes the rebirth of spring and the entry of a new cycle of life.

The cherry blossom is especially present in Japan, where it is known by the term sakura (synonymous with the cherry tree).

In the time of the samurai, the cherry blossom represented the fragility of life, as well as the blood for being associated with the sacrificial life of these warriors

During World War II, Japanese aircraft pilots, called kamikazes, breathed new life into the diverse traditions of the samurai, as in the case of ritual sacrifice. They also adopted a good part of its symbols, among which the cherry blossom played a prominent role for being part of the end of the war. Thus, it has a high emotional and nationalist charge, as well as being linked to the military world.

Either way, the cherry blossom remains a symbol of innocence, beauty and rebirth in Japanese culture today.

Finally, in China this meaning differs a little from that which exists in Japan. There, the cherry blossom is closely related to the female sex, with a high sexual and femininity charge. This fact makes the cherry blossom is considered the flower of love and is often used to give the person loved.

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