What is Translationism definition/concept

The question of the human soul has been evaluated from two points of view in general: as a vital principle or as a rational principle. Likewise, philosophers, theologians and scientists have addressed all kinds of reflections on the nature of the soul. Translationism

One of the theological currents that has given an answer to all this is Traducianism. From a historical point of view, the main theologians of this current were Apollinar and Tertullian, both belonging to the primitive Christianity practiced in the first centuries of the Christian era. It should be noted that Lutheranism also defends the central thesis of this thought .

Creationism versus Translationism

In Christian theology, Creationism is the majority current. According to her, everything that exists, including the human soul, is a creation of God. Thus, the soul is not something preexisting, as Plato claimed, as soon as God created it from ex nihilo, that is, nothing arises from nothing. Along these lines, St. Thomas Aquinas stated that the formation of the soul in any individual occurs from the necessary vital and physiological conditions. Translationism

The thought of Creationism is denied by Traducianism. According to this current, souls are not created by God through certain conditions, since the soul is transmitted from father to son through a process of generation. In this sense, an individual has a spiritual and vital dimension given by the heritage of his parents, which means that the body and soul are closely linked.

From the point of view of Creationism, the transmission of the soul from father to son makes no sense, as something immaterial and spiritual cannot be materialized in a physical body. Translationism

The Catholic Church claims that Traducianism is a false opinion

In several documents promoted by Catholicism, especially some papal encyclicals, it is stated that Traducianism is opposed to the idea of ​​original sin that appears in the Bible and, therefore, this interpretation of the human soul is contrary to a central dogma of Catholicism.

The question of the soul presents numerous questions for which there is no definitive answer.

In case there is a human soul, these questions are quite diverse. It is worth asking about its origin, what is its fate, whether it disappears after death or survives, whether it is made up of several parts or whether all living beings have a soul.

From the perspective of Christian theology, God has endowed man with an immortal spirit or soul that never dies.

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