House of Trastamara Title of nobility and Counts of Trastámara

House of Trastamara

The House of Trastamara was a dynasty of Castilian origin that reigned over the Crown of Castile from 1369 to 1555, the Crown of Aragon from 1412 to 1555, the Kingdom of Navarre from 1425 to 1479 and from 1512 to 1555, and the Kingdom of Naples. from 1458 to 1501 and from 1504 to 1555.

The House, a junior branch of the reigning House of Burgundy , takes its name from the county of Trastámara (LatinTras Tamaris , ‘beyond the river Tambre ‘) in northwestern Galicia , a title held by Henry II of Castile before access the throne. Enrique became King of Castile after the civil war that ended with the assassination in 1369 of his half-brother, King Pedro I.

Under the different reigns of the Trastámara, the monarchical authority achieved by Pedro I and the economic development that had been promoted by the bourgeoisie weakened. At the same time, under his government, a policy that will later lead to the so-called authoritarian monarchies is manifested very well . They managed to involve Castile in the Hundred Years’ War , allowing European diplomacy to meddle in the kingdom’s affairs.

The House of Trastámara came to reign in Aragon through the commitment of Caspe ( 1412 ), which put an end to the succession crisis caused by the death without issue of Martín I el Humano in 1410 . There, contrary to the loss of authority suffered by the Castilian Trastámaras, the Aragonese branch fought to consolidate the king’s power in territories where the constitutions and charters of each kingdom limited its ability to act. Fernando I expressed his rejection of these privileges, and in the long run, under Juan II of Aragon and Fernando el Católico, the Trastámara were able to overcome part of the obstacles of the peculiar feudalizing organization of the Crown of Aragon, although due to the war between Juan II and the General Council of the Principality of Catalonia, they were left behind in the economic recovery that had been taking place since the debacle of the black plague and the crisis of the fourteenth century  .

The last monarch of this house to rule in Spain was Queen Juana I of Castile , who by her marriage to Felipe of Austria and through their son, Carlos I , gave way to the government of Spain by kings of the House of Austria .

Title of nobility

The County of Trastámara is a Spanish noble title created on February 4, 1445 in San Martín de Valdeiglesias, by King Juan II of Castilla as a hereditary title in favor of Pedro Álvarez Osorio.

Counts of House of Trastamara

  1. Pedro Álvarez Osorio , 1st Count of Trastámara;
  2. Álvar Pérez Osorio , II Count of Trastámara (I Marquis of Astorga)
  3. Pedro Álvarez Osorio , III Count of Trastámara;
  4. Álvar Pérez Osorio , IV Count of Trastámara;
  5. Pedro Álvarez Osorio , 5th Count of Trastámara;
  6. Álvar Pérez Osorio , 6th Count of Trastámara;
  7. Antonio Pedro Álvarez Osorio , VII Count of Trastámara;
  8. Alfonso Pérez Osorio Velasco y Herrera , VIII Count of Trastámara;
  9. Pedro Álvarez Osorio , 9th Count of Trastámara;
  10. Álvar Pérez Osorio , X Count of Trastámara;
  11. Antonio Pedro Sancho Dávila y Osorio , XI Count of Trastámara;
  12. Ana Dávila y Osorio , XII Countess of Trastámara;
  13. Melchor de Guzmán y Osorio , XIII Count of Trastámara;
  14. Ana de Guzmán Osorio y Dávila , XIV Countess of Trastámara;
  15. Ventura Antonio Osorio de Moscoso and Guzmán Dávila y Aragón , XV Count of Trastámara;
  16. Ventura Osorio de Moscoso y Fernández de Córdoba , 16th Count of Trastámara
  17. Vicente Joaquín Osorio de Moscoso y Guzmán , XVII Count of Trastámara
  18. Vicente Isabel Osorio de Moscoso y Álvarez de Toledo , 18th Count of Trastámara
  19. Vicente Pío Osorio de Moscoso and Ponce de León , 19th Count of Trastámara
  20. José María Osorio de Moscoso y Carvajal , XX Count of Trastámara
  21. Francisco de Asís Osorio de Moscoso y Borbón , XXI Count of Trastámara
  22. Francisco de Asís Osorio de Moscoso and Jordán de Urriés , XXII Count of Trastámara
  23. Francisco Javier Osorio de Moscoso y Reynoso , XXIII Count of Trastámara
  24. María del Perpetuo Socorro Osorio de Moscoso y Reynoso , XXIV Countess of Trastámara
  25. María Blanca Barón y Osorio de Moscoso , XXV Countess of Trastámara
  26. Rafael Castellano y Barón , XXVI Count of Trastámara
  27. Jaime Castellano y de la Chica , XXVII Count of Trastámara

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