What is Autotroph/meaning/concept/elaboration

Any organism capable of generating its own food is called autotroph, that is, capable of generating the necessary substances to survive and develop. This means that these organisms are capable of taking over various elements of the environment in which they develop; these elements can be classified as inorganic, and through the various internal processes that compose them, they can be incorporated as food. Unlike autotrophs, heterotrophs need other living beings to feed. It is because of this circumstance that autotrophic organisms are considered the initiators of the food chain and, therefore, play a fundamental role in the development of life on Earth. Thus, these organisms can serve as food for others. Autotroph

Autotrophic living beings are plants par excellence. These organisms obtain energy from the sun and generate oxygen in the process of producing their food. Another type of variant within autotrophs is bacteria. This type of ability to produce your own food is known as primary production . The primary generation is photosynthesis, which needs the sun’s contribution to serve as energy. In this way, plants use this primary source of energy through their leaves and thus start the process. This form of food generation had a great impact on the formation of the Earth ‘s atmosphere . That’s why nutrition autotrophic is so important: it does not just start the food chain, allowing other living beings that do not produce their own food to have this source, but allowing their breathing to be possible. Autotroph

Given the above, it is easy to conclude that autotrophic organisms were the first to appear on the face of the Earth. This circumstance is somewhat of a mystery, as it is a great coincidence that such a complex organism emerged with the possibility of sustainably reproducing. However, this first stage allowed the development of his life on the face of the Earth, as he created his base at an environmental level. Autotroph

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