What are Human Rights definition/concept

Human rights are general principles that ensure and protect the dignity of people.

The desire for human rights is universal, as it is a posture aimed at all of humanity, regardless of the cultural and political tradition of each social group .

Historical origin and content

At the end of World War II, humanity was faced with a need : it was necessary to avoid a new armed conflict and for that it was convenient to establish a global commitment to promote tolerance and respect. This desire was accompanied by a specific legal framework that provided a series of rights and freedom for a group of nations. This was a motivation and the main cause that guided the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, created in Paris, in 1948, by the member states of the United Nations. Human rights

This document consists of thirty articles and a preface

Briefly, the content of this text is expressed in the preface, where the general intentions are expressed: respect among nations, the law as a social foundation that foresees situations of tyranny and the propagation of peace as a commitment.

In relation to the content of the articles, there is a specific reference in relation to freedom and individual rights, as well, every person should have regardless of race, sex, religious beliefs, political views or social status.

On the other hand, there is an explicit prohibition on any form of torture or slavery.

It also highlights the importance of freedom of expression as a necessary value in any society . Thus, education and the right to housing is another aspect that must be protected by nations. Furthermore, it is necessary to determine a legal framework for each nation so that universal human rights are upheld and protected.

The human rights that embrace the Universal Declaration do not guarantee its fulfillment

However, it is an ethical commitment of the nations and serves as a reference for all humanity. For some, it may be considered insufficient and a simple declaration of good intentions. For others, it is an important step to contain any kind of abuse of power and to boost human dignity. Human rights

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