What is Elves definition/concept/elaboration

Elves are fictional characters whose origins go back to stories in Germanic and Norse mythology. Its appearance resembles that of human beings.

They are physically fragile creatures, with pointed ears, long hair and expressive almond-shaped eyes. They have supernatural powers, it is often said that they are immortal.

They live in contact with nature and generally hide from humans. However, on occasions, they come into contact with men to help them in their personal growth . Elves come closer to men because they like their artistic manifestations and their beauty . They are interested in noble and pure people, but reject violent individuals and immoral behavior. Elves

In Norse mythology there are two types: those who live in contact with the light and those who are below the earth. These beings are at an intermediate level between men and gods, something that reminds us of the Titans in Greek mythology.

In European literature

From the 16th century onwards, English poets introduced the elves into the literary tradition and, together with the fairies, created a fantasy world. Over time, romantic writers and the Brothers Grimm continued this tradition.
It should be noted that Santa Claus elves are a relatively modern literary invention, as the stories about these creatures began in the late nineteenth century in the United States. Elves

In Tolkien’s Literary World

JR R Tolkien is the author of the saga “The Lord of the Rings” and “The Hobbit”. This English novelist knew the literary tradition of Germanic and Norse mythology and from there created his own universe of fiction.

In the world created by Tolkien, all events took place in Arda’s territory . Besides the elves, there are also men, dwarfs with large beards, hobbits, goblins, orcs and trolls. In relation to elves, Tolkien presents them taller than humans, with tousled hair, happy and immortal. Despite their immortality , they can sometimes die when they feel sad and melancholy. Elves

Other strange beings in the history of literature

In world literature there are countless imaginary beings. Among them we can highlight mermaids, fairies, centaurs, cyclops, gnomes and werewolves. This tradition lives on with new characters such as mutants and superheroes.

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