What is Social Assistance characteristics and Usage examples

Social Assistance

Social assistance is an activity that deals with different situations, among which the following stand out: promoting social change towards a state of overcoming people, the resolution of conflicts that arise in human interaction, the strengthening and liberation of peoples in accordance with the objective of achieving the common good.

More than just generosity

It is very important to detail that it goes beyond charity or charity.

It prevents, counteracts and rehabilitates through structured actions with measurable results.

It institutions carry out their mission in places such as shelters for the elderly, hospitals, homes for children and adults, community kitchens, welfare schools, bazaars and medical clinics. This is how it seeks to cover people’s basic needs and be present in areas where they can be helped, such as education and training, food, health, and emotional well-being.


Organizations and institutions that carry out it obtain financing from taxes and contributions. When it comes to state institutions, they have a part of the public budget. Although they also have contributions from companies and private sectors.

When it comes to public social assistance, the one provided by the State, help cannot be denied to anyone who requests it . This is because it is a legal right that all citizens have equally. State social assistance has the force of law and if people request it through the relevant channels they must resolve it.

It is also responsible for monitoring and analyzing cases in which help is requested . The analysis carried out by social assistance professionals takes into account a series of variables for each case. Among those variables are the income of the applicants, the situation and the level of need for what you are asking for.

Usage examples

  • My grandfather receives a monthly pension from social assistance
  • The social assistance program for the visually impaired allows them to integrate into the community
  • After being laid off, I had no choice but to resort to social assistance
  • The NGO worked with experts to provide social assistance to indigenous communities while respecting their culture and customs
  • María is studying social assistance at the university

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