What is Social Assistance/meaning/concept

Social assistance is an area that combines two aspects: health and social needs. More particularly, it deals with groups that have special needs, whether physical, psychic, sensory or social.

The aim of social assistance is to improve the quality of life of particularly vulnerable groups, such as the elderly, the prison population, the disabled, the chronically ill or the mentally ill.

In other words, it is to serve any person who is in a situation of dependence to improve their well-being integral.

Social Assistance Training

This type of study is part of professional training. Students are prepared to develop professional tasks such as: caregiver of the elderly, caregiver of people with physical, mental, or sensory disabilities, home care or social institutions. Social Assistance

In relation to the course, several subjects are studied, such as psychosocial support , medical assistance, hygiene and educational intervention. Students preparing in this area need to do an internship at a health or social institution. Social Assistance

The daily life of the social worker who serves people with physical disabilities

Professionals who serve this group need to perform specific tasks. Among them, we can highlight the following:

– Move wheelchair users to another seat.

– Perform postural changes to prevent ulcers.

– Encourage the practice of physical exercise. Social Assistance

– They help in the insertion of work to facilitate the individual’s social integration .

– Promote activities aimed at personal autonomy in all types of situations.

Finally, social assistance serves this group with the following purpose: to meet their physical needs, improve personal autonomy and ensure integration into society .

social assistance in prisons

From a strictly sanitary point of view, professionals dedicated to this sector carry out all kinds of activities with the prison population: they cure the sick and help prevent diseases, promote hygiene, take care of people with disabilities or who have some kind of problem psychic. Social Assistance

In the social field, they carry out all kinds of actions, such as: they facilitate the inmate’s entry into the prison, they pay special attention to the prisoners’ mothers, they facilitate the coexistence between inmates, they assist the families, etc. These tasks are performed together with other professionals who are dedicated to the social area, such as educators, among others.

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