What is Social Consciousness/meaning/concept

Being aware of something means having enough knowledge. In other words, when our reason allows us to know a reality , we say that we are conscious. Social Consciousness

From a psychological point of view, the individual’s conscience expresses his rational predisposition to understand the world around him.

social conscience

As individuals we are aware of our surroundings and this degree of awareness is precisely the essence of our social awareness as an individual. On the other hand, society itself is formed by an autonomous entity, in this sense any collectivity also has a certain social conscience. Thus, when certain problems that affect everyone are recognized within society, a collective social conscience is formed. Social Consciousness

social conscience in marxism

In Marxist philosophy the concept of social conscience is fundamental. So each social group has a certain level of consciousness. Workers are or should be aware of their category to be recognized as a collective. When they are not recognized as a category, it is impossible for them to transform their reality.

For Marx, the exploitation of workers is the key element to awaken their collective consciousness. This is not a theoretical reflection , but a first step towards changing reality and the social model.

social awareness and participation

A person can have a lot of information about the problems that affect society (unemployment, poverty, exploitation, etc.). However, knowing reality is not enough to change it. For this reason, some people choose to actively participate in a project. There are many ways to put transformative social awareness into practice, but they all involve active participation . Among the thousands examples of participation we highlight the following: financial donations, joint collaboration, volunteer projects with organizations non – governmental, etc. Social Consciousness

enemies of social conscience

Most people say they are socially aware of the injustices around them or in other parts of the world. However, this type of statement is likely to be a form of self-deception or a simple declaration of good intentions.

Social consciousness in its individual or collective dimension presents a series of “powerful enemies”: cruel competitiveness, individualism, cultural supremacy, globalization, non-responsible energy consumption , etc. Social Consciousness

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