What are Homograph words with List of homographs and examples

Homograph words

Homograph words that have the same spelling but have different pronunciation and meaning. Thus, they are written the same way, but have different meanings and are pronounced differently.

Homographs are also called homographs or homonymous homographs.

List of homographs words

  • hit (correction) and hit (verb hit);
  • agreement (combination) and agreement (verb to agree);
  • support (support) and support (verb to support);
  • button (dolphin) and button (verb to put);
  • crying (crying) and crying (verb to cry);
  • spoon (cutlery) and spoon (pick up);
  • beginning (beginning) and beginning (verb to start);
  • color (coloring) and color (memory);
  • choir (choir) and chorus (verb to blush);
  • cut (palace) and cut (coup);
  • strength (pujança) and strength (verb to force);
  • ice (solidified water) and ice (verb to gel);
  • taste (flavor) and taste (verb to like);
  • government (ministry) and government (verb to govern);
  • game (entertainment) and game (verb to play);
  • sauce (broth) and sauce (verb to wet);
  • eye (organ of vision) and eye (verb to look);
  • dry (dry) and dry (verb to dry);
  • thirst (desire to drink) and thirst (matrix);
  • about (about) and about (verb to spare);
  • tower (elevated building) and tower (verb to toast).

In addition to the examples cited above, there are pairs of words that differ only due to a different graphic accentuation. Some authors argue that these words can also be considered as homographs:

  • doubt (uncertainty) and doubts (verb to doubt);
  • wise (sabedora) and knew (verb to know);
  • habit (custom) and habito (verb to inhabit);
  • analysis (exam) and analyze (verb analyze);
  • grandmother (parent) and grandfather (parent);

Usage examples of homograph words

Most cases of homographs refer to the comparison of a noun and a verb form.

Support (ô) and support (ó)
Thank you very much for your support.
Of course I support this cause!

Ice (yeah) and ice (yeah)
My drink needs ice.
When I think of spirits, I even freeze with fear!

About (ô) and about (ó)
What is this conversation about?
Eat at ease! I don’t want it about food.

Game (ô) and game (ó)
Did you see the women’s soccer game?
Every Saturday I play handball with my friends.

Homographs, homophones and homonyms 

In addition to homographs, there are also homophones and homonyms.

Homograph words : 
different sound;
equal writing;
different meaning.

Homophones : sound
the same;
different writing;
different meaning.

Perfect homonyms :
equal sound;
equal writing;
different meaning.

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