Homophones words Homonyms and homographs with examples

Homophones words

Homophones are words that are pronounced the same but spelled differently and have different meanings. Thus, they have different spelling and meaning, but have the same phonetics.

Homophones are also called homophones or homophones.

Examples of homophones

Accent and seat
Does the word rubric have an accent? (graphic sign)
Is this seat empty? (chair, place)

Steel and bone
I had a steel door put in the warehouse. (iron alloy)
Tomorrow morning I will bake a cake for lunch. (verb bake)

Tall and self
He was always very tall. (long, raised)
The artist made his self-portrait. (of himself)

Hurry and price
Let’s hurry up, please! (make it faster)
The store manager will price the new merchandise. (set the price)

Squeezing and squashing
I’m not going to scrunch up in that tight dress. (squeeze hard)
This punch will bruise your face. (turn purple)

Brush and brush
Use a brush to secure the bottom of the drawer. (nail, tack)
Do you need a brush to whitewash that wall? (big brush)

Hunting and hunting
It is forbidden to hunt animals in this area. (chase, capture)
Is it possible to revoke a presidential mandate? (annul, invalidate)

Tail and tail
You stepped on the cat’s tail! (tail)
The chocolate sauce is still hot! (sweet liquid)

Saddle and saddle
I can’t ride a horse without a saddle. (padded seat)
That prisoner will be entitled to an individual cell. (small compartment)

One hundred and without
Can you lend me one hundred reais? (100)
I have no patience for these confusions. (indicates lack)

One hundred and sixty
We produce one hundred and fifty kilos of strawberries. (hundred)
Where do I sit? (verb sit)

Fog and sawmill
It is dangerous to drive in this fog. (dense fog)
My father works in a sawmill. (wood sawing workshop)

Clenching and sawing
He had to squint against the glare. (close)
Are you going to saw all this wood yourself? (saw)

Basket and sixth
I received a fruit basket from my students for my birthday. (balaio)
It’s my nephew’s sixth birthday. (6th)

Check and check
Can I pay by check? (document for payment)
The king is in check. (risk or threat)

Belt and feel
I broke my belt buckle. (accessory for pants)
I miss you! (verb feel)

Council and Council
My aunt lives in Portugal, in the municipality of Porto. (municipality)
Listen well to the advice I’m going to give you! (suggestion)

Concert and repair
I’ve never seen a concert by my favorite band. (musical show)
How much will the television repair cost? (Repair)

Thigh and thigh
He has a huge scar on his thigh. (leg part)
A cocha is a container made from a tree trunk. (canister)

Baking and sewing
I’m going to boil some eggs for breakfast. (cook)
My grandmother can sew your blouse. (to sew)

Statement and stratum
Check the payment on your bank statement. (bank record)
There is a lot of inequality in the different social strata of the Brazilian population. (layer)

Ivy and age
The wall is covered with ivy. (climbing plant)
It was a difficult problem to solve. (verb to be)

There was and hears
There was shooting on the hill last night. (verb to be)
My grandmother doesn’t hear well anymore. (verb hear)

Bow and lasso
I love wearing bows in my hair! (knot with handles)
Is it possible to have a loose stomach? (loose, distended)

Bad and bad
My son is feeling sick. (antonym of good)
Is it very bad what is happening? (antonym of good)

Walnut and us
This walnut cake is delicious! (nut tree)
We go to the club after school. (personal pronoun)

Step and step
My goal is ten thousand steps a day. (past)
The Imperial Palace is in Rio de Janeiro. (palace)

Salute and salda
Every day I wake up and go to salute my parents. (greeting)
I come to settle my debt. (complete a payment)

Sena e cena
Do you usually play in the Mega-Sena? (lottery)
The crime scene is secured by the police. (scenario)

Sense and census
What a lack of common sense! (sense)
Where can I consult the results of the last census? (statistical survey)

Session, section and assignment
I received a photo session as a gift. (meeting, presentation),
How can I find out which is my constituency? (division, distribution)
The assignment of assets to the legal heirs was not authorized. (ceding)

Strikethrough and taxed
The text was strikethrough by the critics. (point out defects)
The tax was levied by the government. (taxed, tabulated)

Bring it back
Bring the hammer, please! (verb to bring)
It’s in the back of the closet. (back location)

Vase and leak
The boy broke the vase with the soccer ball. (container)
I’ll leak right now if I have to. (verb leak)

Voice and you
What a beautiful voice you have! (human sound)
You know this is a lie. (personal pronoun)

Homonyms, homophones and homographs

In addition to homophones, there are also homonyms and homographs.

type of words Characteristics Examples
homophones same sound
different writing
different meaning
bake (cook)
sew (sew)
Homographs different sound
same writing
different meaning
start (start)
start (verb start)
Homonyms same sound same
different meaning
river (river watercourse)
river (verb to laugh)

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