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What are dependent variables in research/Classification

dependent variable is called the emblematic representation of a certain event that is not specified, which belongs to a functioning that is obtained from different values. What are dependent variables in research?

It is classified in this way, since it can vary when observed qualitatively and can be measured quantitatively.

This term varies depending on the area where it is being used, whether it is computerized because of the space that a computer contains in its installation of programs, mathematical because it is a symbol that has different numerical values ​​within an equation, statistical because of the characteristics that can be observed. in people, logical for representing concrete data or scientific for forming hypotheses in a project.

What is the dependent variable

The dependent variable will depend on the changes that are made due to the independent variable , which means that its value depends on other variables .

In the same way, it can be said that it is the main point where the researcher concentrates in order to carry out behavioral evaluations and thus achieve results that can be verified. What are dependent variables in research?

Classification of the dependent variable

The variable can be classified in two ways:

1 . Classification by nature

  • Depending on your quantitative data: It refers to the data that can be measured to represent a certain numerical quantity.
  • Depending on your qualitative data: This is the observation of the different qualities that are studied in an object, such as the award of an employee within a work process.
  • Continuous: In this variable the unit of measurement cannot be divided.
  • Discontinuous: In this variable, the division of the editing unit such as height and weight can be given.

two . Classification according to whether measurement value

  • Nominal: It is classified by the category that depends on its location.
  • Ordinal: It is classified by the category of subjects, facts or phenomena in an orderly manner.
  • Interval: It is classified in order by categories of quantities, degrees or magnitudes.
  • Of reason: It is classified by the category of the different factors of the aforementioned variables and by the distance between two points that are always similar. What are dependent variables in research?

It is important to highlight that no variable can always be dependent or independent , this is because it can vary according to the eventuality to which it has been referred, since neither of the two is essential in any variable.

Why is it important to identify the key variables?

It is very important to be able to identify the key variables , for the following reasons:

  • They provide a defined focus on what you want to investigate.
  • It constitutes the fundamental terms that will be needed when searching for information about the investigation.
  • Key variables can be measured directly for the research to be valid.

Design of the investigation of the variables

After the variables are identified, the researcher has to identify how to address those variables, which will become the core of the research design. The main designs will be mentioned below:


You can describe the updated state of variables. For example:

  • In a descriptive study, it is possible to explore the knowledge that teachers may have regarding the development of literacy, which would be a descriptive study, since the present knowledge of educators about the process of literacy is identified. What are dependent variables in research?

Causal comparison

This comparison can examine the effectiveness of one variable, which cannot be handled in others. For example.

  • The effect of gender on a test deficiency. In case a researcher does not know how to manipulate a person’s gender, it can happen that both men and women are compared in the same way in relation to their deficient behavior in an examination.

Since the variable of interest is not manipulable, the causes of the comparative studies could make the comparison of two groups that manage to differ in the independent variable. Which means that the factor that identifies this causal comparative study can make the comparison of two or more groups on a different variable basis. What are dependent variables in research?


Describe any relationship that exists between the variables. This is because every correlational study has to examine two variables that have continuous values.

Therefore, an analysis of the link between motivation and academic performance could be carried out as they are continuous variables.

It must be taken into account that, within a correlational design, the two variables have to be studied in the same way within the same group of individuals, which makes the study of the link between motivation and academic achievement within the same group.

Experimental and quasi – experimental

It has the ability to examine the effect of a certain variable that the researcher handles on other variables.

An experimental or quasi – experimental study succeeds in examining the effect of manifesting on the literacy skills of young people. What are dependent variables in research?

In this sense, the researcher can handle the variable of telling stories, by putting half of the young people in a group that undergoes a treatment where they should listen to the stories and the other half will be placed in a group that can be controlled by perceiving various ordinary literacy instructions.

Dependent variable in Marketing

The dependent variable is the output of a certain process or a statistical analysis, in the same way it can be said that it is known as a response variable. It is usually very important for companies, as it has the ability to represent everything that it wants to achieve.

Despite this, they cannot be directly affected or made modifications, however, it may come to depend on other Marketing variables, such as certain elements that allow customer satisfaction and loyalty or also the profitability of the organization. that cannot be modified directly, they can only be influenced when the independent variables are modified. What are dependent variables in research?

In conclusion.

dependent variable is all one whose value will depend on the numerical value it adopts.

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