Trends in human resource management with HR Trends for 2023-24

Trends in human resource management

Here in this article we will provide you the Trends in human resource management with HR Trends for 2023-24.

Personnel management, attraction and retention of new talent, as well as the dissemination of business culture will be key activities for this year and the human resources area will play a fundamental role in achieving this. That’s why here are the human resources trends in 2023-24.

1. Advances in the use of AI in recruitment and selection

It ‘s been a while that artificial intelligence is widely used in the processes of recruitment and selection , but technological advances make it one of HR trends in 2023-24.

In this sense, the great promise for the next year are ATS tools, from the English Applicant Tracking System, translated as Candidate Tracking System.

These systems are able to transform the promotion of vacancies, attraction of talents and screening of resumes in a much more agile process than it is currently.

2. People Analytics

The word analytics is also known by managers and promises to be used more and better.

Today, there are systems specialized in collecting, processing and integrating a large volume of data that help companies better understand their employees. They are used for various purposes, such as:

  • evaluate the performance of employees;
  • better understand the profile of contractors;
  • establish patterns of behavior;
  • plan actions aimed at the characteristics of human capital.

Although these tools are already available, the trend is for them to be improved. This means that companies that are not supported by People Analytics can be swallowed up by the competition.

3. Candidate experience

The new generations that invade the job market are not only looking to pay and stability. Today, people are looking for an occupation that meets their principles and lifestyle.

Therefore, more than offering a job opportunity, companies must grant a good experience to the professional , which begins when he is still just a candidate.

Proof of this is that this trend is closely linked to the news addressed in previous topics. Since talents can be selected more effectively, the candidate is also able to see a real chance of winning the position, carrying out the selection process with more motivation.

If approved, starts your contract much more engaged than candidates selected in a traditional recruitment . Result: the organization gains in productivity and optimization of time, which would be spent with the integration of this employee.

4. Advanced feedback tools

Another trend for 2023-24 is that companies compose increasingly efficient strategies to improve employee involvement with the organization.

As a result, research platforms and differentiated feedback methodologies will be increasingly present in the planning of Human Resources managers.

Surveys are no longer simple questionnaires to play an important role in the development of people: to contribute so that contractors and contractors are really connected towards common goals, seeking profitability through communication and engagement.

5. Investment in training leaders

Composing a high-performance team is a current challenge that will not cease to exist in the next decade. And the role of leaders is fundamental for human capital to reach this level, especially in a complicated and competitive scenario like the current one.

The problem is that market uncertainties do not only affect entrepreneurs. Leaders, who should maintain engagement at work , may also have difficulty recognizing their ability to lead teams and transform the organization’s results.

It is necessary, then, to think about training these professionals. And we are talking about going beyond training: betting on innovative strategies to improve the skills of these professionals.

The highlight is the complementary leadership, a model that bets on the partnership between two or more leaders so that they can act in an integrated way in managing teams, enhancing the quality of the projects created and solving problems.

6. Gamification

Gamification is yet another trend in HR in 2023-24 that is already in place, but that should be improved.

Today, it is widely used in internal marketing campaigns and for team training, as it is a very attractive resource for activating brain connections, facilitating the retention of information through pleasure and reward mechanisms.

The results of a team undergoing training based on gamification techniques are usually surprising. Therefore, companies must take the methodology to other fields, one of them being external and internal recruitment and selection.

7. HR mobile

We live in the age of smartphones: increasingly smaller and more portable screens have our full attention on the most common actions of everyday life.

Whether on the subway, waiting for lunch or in the waiting room for a doctor’s appointment, the technological resources of the new cell phones are keeping us company. They will be an increasingly present reality to bring dynamism to the activities of the human resources sector.

Recruitment through applications and atypical work formats – such as the home office and co-working spaces – are increasingly desired by a generation of talented professionals who grew up with the technological evolution.

And in this scenario, the traditional office hours can lose space. Companies that recognize the positions that can have their routines easily relaxed, and apply this concept, will guarantee the formation of the best teams in the market. Keep an eye! 

8. Home office

In market segments linked to technology and innovation, the home office format has been a reality for at least a decade and a half. But if the Covid-19 pandemic has taught us anything — in terms of labor relations — it is that this model is the future of the labor market.

To “dribble” the measures of social isolation, which prevented face-to-face work, organizations of all sizes and segments had to adapt and innovate, adhering to the home office. Even more traditional entrepreneurs have had to “surrender” to the digital transformation , otherwise the impacts on the economic health of the business could be even more catastrophic.

However, delicate scenarios tend to drive positive changes and it is at this point that the home office gained strength. A work format that opens up an infinite range of possibilities for both employers and professionals. In addition to eliminating geographic barriers , the home office favors productivity, the satisfaction rate, reduces turnover and generates positive results for the business.

Without a doubt, the home office is among the main HR trends for 2023-24. And the best part is that, for the organization to take advantage of this innovative work model, it only needs to provide its employees with the right tools .

9. Employee Experience

Modern companies understand that investing in strategies to improve the consumer experience is not enough. It is also necessary to work in an organizational culture that is pleasant, productive and receptive enough so that the business’ talent does not migrate to the competition.

If in 2020 and 2021 the home office work format gained popularity, the trend is that in 2023-24 Human Resources departments innovate even more and invest in Employee Experience (EX) . After all, new labor relations require new work strategies and methodologies.

In simple terms, Employee Experience is a placement in which HR focuses efforts and actions to improve the employee experience within the company. Different from the candidate’s experience (previously mentioned), its purpose is to promote improvements in the daily life of those who are already part of the organizational culture, providing well-being and professional fulfillment, which directly impacts their productivity.

The employee’s experience implies a series of concepts, such as:

  • a flexible working policy;
  • the company’s environments — physical, technological and cultural;
  • an office full of attractions;
  • employee engagement;
  • a benefits package full of attractive options.

In order to identify, in addition to these concepts, which strategic points the Employee Experience must work to keep professionals on the organization’s team, HR must analyze and track how employees think and feel during each contact stage of their journey through the company. Your interactions with the leadership, your yearnings, and each feedback expressed are valid for obtaining this information.

10. Online training

It was in 2020 — during the most intense period of social isolation due to the Covid-19 pandemic — that online training stopped being an unknown concept (for many entrepreneurs) and became more of a methodology integrated into the organizational culture of today’s companies.

Today, online training is among the main HR trends for 2023-24, and this is no longer only due to the need for social distance, but because it is an excellent alternative for HR to enhance the skills of the team of employees.

This training model combines practicality and efficiency in a single application, ensuring the same levels of results as traditional on-site training. Its flexibility allows professionals to attend classes without having to travel from their homes to a specific point.

Furthermore, if the video lessons can be recorded and made available on a virtual training platform, employees can watch them at any time, which is very convenient for both interested parties (employer and employee).

When the Human Resources team invests in training and online courses — in order to guarantee the qualification of its talent pool — the company saves financial resources, since this format requires much less in infrastructure and, even, has its image improved facing the job market, attracting professionals with an innovative mindset.

11. Feedbacks

The Employee Experience strategy encompasses a wide variety of actions that must be taken so that the employee feels welcomed by the company. Knowing that he has a voice to express himself is part of a positive experience. That said, one of the HR trends for 2023-24 is the feedback exchanged between teams.

Feedbacks are very important tools in building harmony between the company and the employee. They are useful for HR to survey points that need improvement, resolve internal conflicts, set goals, improve career plans and benefits offered, among many other benefits.

For this, it is essential that leaders are properly trained to act correctly when exchanging feedbacks with their subordinates. The positive and negative points must always be raised in a professional and respectful manner, with the purpose of making the employee evolve, and not subjugate him.

12. Diversity

The diversity is one of the most discussed guidelines in contemporary society and, fortunately, now she also reached the corporate world. With the growing concern of organizations to promote more diversified work environments in which there is space and equality for people of different cultures, ideas, ethnicities, experiences, physical conditions, genders and ages.

In short, diversity in companies is about opening doors to people on an equal basis, overturning old hiring stereotypes that have benefited specific groups of individuals in society for a long time. Its premise is to transform the world into a better place for everyone, whether inside or outside companies.

Aspects such as the digital transformation , the democratization of access to information and the evolution of human thought are among the main factors that have fostered this type of change not only in the labor market, but in society as a whole.

Diversified companies have been better viewed, as they open doors to many possibilities for solving problems and behaviors in daily processes. Consumers also feel more represented when identifying with the brand’s internal policies and values. And that’s why diversity is one of the HR trends for 2023-24.

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